Coachella CA Spinal Decompression/Herniated Disk Chiropractic Treatment Launched

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Dr. Marco Cazares has launched spinal decompression treatments at the Spinal Injury Center (760-863-5955) in Coachella. The treatment reduces pain associated with back problems.

Dr. Marco Cazares, a chiropractor based in Indio, California who specializes in spine health and chronic back pain, has launched spinal decompression services for patients in Coachella.

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The new treatment is provided at the Spinal Injury Center in Indio and is tailored to patients experiencing persistent lower back pain. It is a non-surgical solution to severe pain and back problems such as sciatica and herniated discs.

Spinal decompression is a type of chiropractic therapy that takes place on a motorized table and alleviates pain by putting pressure on discs in the patient’s spine. The center says by stretching and relaxing the spine, they can change its position. This in turn causes negative pressure in the discs which has several benefits, including improved healing and herniated disc repair.

The treatment can also repair degenerative disc disease, heal injured nerve roots in the spine, and fix worn spinal joints. Patients can expect to notice a reduction in back and neck pain.

All patients receive a 45 minute spinal decompression session and are given a customized treatment plan. A full course of treatment typically lasts four to six weeks.

Interested parties can request an appointment by filling out the patient intake form on the company’s website. They can also get in touch with the center via telephone.

Zel, a regular patient at the center, says, “I’ve been a patient for years and I look forward to being treated every time. The initial exam is lengthy and thorough and the treatment is unparalleled. There’s quite a lot of work that goes into treating you. You’re going to feel pampered, taken care of, and better as well. I can’t imagine anyone going and not feeling better.”

Dr. Marco Cazares is the director and lead chiropractor at the Spinal Injury Center. He and his team provide conventional and alternative treatment methods that optimize healing and reduce or eliminate pain. They are passionate about providing their patients with a friendly and comfortable place for healing.

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