Health Organizations Warn Depression May Affect Around 7 Percent of American Adults

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( — August 25, 2021) Orlando, FL — Depression is undeniably a dangerous condition, and many are suffering in silence due to this mental health issue. 

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), depression may affect around 7 percent of adults in the United States annually.

Experts have long been strongly recommending recognizing the red flags to prevent the development of more severe episodes. It is worth realizing that many sufferers of depression usually experience a relapse or recurrence. 

A review has even shown that it usually occurs within 5 years but may happen again weeks, months, or even many years after the first episode.

It has been found that around half of those who suffer from an episode of depression for the first time may stay well. However, the other half experience recurrence. It is important to realize that repeated episodes of depression may produce different warning signs.

The American Psychiatric Association reveals that depression may return in two ways. 

A relapse occurs when symptoms start reappearing or worsening again during recovery from an early episode. It can also happen when symptoms return months or years after a person has recovered from the last episode.

It is imperative to take the measures scientists have found helpful in protecting and enhancing the brain. 

Certain all-natural remedies like probiotics are found to be beneficial. Today, more and more experts are investigating the disease-fighting benefits of these beneficial bacteria.

According to researchers, probiotics work in protecting and enhancing the brain due to their positive effects on gut health. It is worth realizing that in previous research studies, scientists suggested there is a link between gut and brain health. 

It is important to stress that in some studies, reduced levels of good bacteria in the gut are linked with conditions like type 2 diabetes, colon cancer, and obesity. Intake of probiotics is theorized to be useful in boosting mental health.

Some studies have even shown that probiotics work in battling anxiety and depression. There are actually many research studies highlighting the beneficial effects of probiotics inside the body. This is why today, experts strongly stress the relevance of maintaining its adequate levels.

Due to their beneficial effects on mental health, they are even called psychobiotics. 

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