New Study Suggests UTI-Fighting Dandelion Helps Blood Sugar Levels

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( — August 25, 2021) Orlando, FL — There are many remedies scientists are investigating due to their effects on urinary tract infections (UTIs). 

According to researchers, UTIs are highly common today despite the fact that their onset can be prevented in various ways. It occurs when bacteria like E.coli reach the urinary lining and produce an infection.

It is important to note that in some studies, scientists found that some measures can be highly beneficial in warding off the infection. These particularly include consuming more water, which can flush E.coli out of the body.

There are all-natural preventive remedies against UTIs and one is dandelion, which is a drug-free and increasingly popular treatment. Powerful diuretics like dandelion are found to produce anti-inflammatory benefits. Dandelion also works in increasing urine production, which means it helps get rid of the UTI-causing bacteria from the body. 

It is interesting to note that therapeutic remedies like dandelion have been found to produce a myriad of health benefits. 

According to some studies, it has two bioactive compounds called chicoric and chlorogenic acid that is found to aid in lessening levels of blood sugar.  

In test-tube and animal studies, it has further been found that these compounds were able to enhance insulin secretion from the pancreas. At the same time, it was also able to enhance the absorption of sugar in the muscle tissue. 

Experts say that this process actually results in a reduction in blood sugar levels as well as improvements in insulin sensitivity. These are apparently beneficial in cases of diabetes. 

In certain animal research studies, the two above-mentioned compounds were able to limit the digestion of starchy carbohydrate foods. This has been found to contribute to the ability of dandelions to reduce blood sugar.

Some unique and extra-strength supplements like Purest Vantage D-mannose are considered to be a great source of dandelion’s UTI-fighting benefits. This formula also contains cranberry, which makes it an even more powerful UTI-fighting supplement. 

Individuals who want to benefit from the UTI-fighting goodness of D-mannose may take into account this formula. D-mannose is a therapeutic type of sugar that can be found in cranberry, which is a popular UTI-fighting remedy. 

Purest Vantage D-mannose continues to be a popular choice especially among those who suffer from recurrent UTIs. It is even receiving more and more positive reviews due to its remarkable ability to deliver the UTI-preventing benefits of its ingredients. 

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