Technology Entrepreneur Training – Smartphone-Based Business Report Launched

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As digital transformation efforts continue to gather pace, the internet-based resource for start-ups Crucial Constructs launches a new report discussing technology-enabled business opportunities.

Crucial Constructs, an online training center and digital resource for business startups, has launched a new two-part report analyzing how technology has enabled new opportunities for entrepreneurs.

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With the rapid adoption of digital technologies across an increasingly wide range of industries, the recently published discussion piece introduces the reader to businesses that can be run almost entirely from a smartphone and explains how they can succeed.

The pandemic forced an already rapidly growing digital economy to unprecedented levels, with statistics reported by Forbes indicating that 89% of companies have adopted a digital-first strategy, and 70% of companies have a digital transformation strategy.

Devices such as smartphones and tablets play a large part in this transformation. In the first part of the new report, Crucial Constructs discusses some of the business opportunities that such technology presents.

Dog-walking is one small-scale venture that has been transformed in the digital age. As the author points out, someone wishing to offer such a service several years ago would have needed to rely on advertising in local papers or word-of-mouth in order to find new clients.

A variety of applications such as Rover or Wag! now connect people providing dog-walking services with dog-owners in their area, and the report suggests that the profitability of such ventures should not be underestimated.

The second part of the report examines several strategies for ensuring that such an enterprise is successful. In the first instance, Crucial Constructs advises readers to manage their own expectations. Most technology-based businesses start on a very small scale and only after considerable time and effort do they develop into a full-time concern.

The detailed report provides readers with a number of other business opportunities that can be started and managed through a smartphone, as well as further advice on how to develop the idea into a larger operation. A full series of complimentary business start-up reports and training materials can be accessed via the Crucial Constructs website.

A company representative stated: “Side gigs are only increasing in popularity thanks to our phones and technology. Now is the best time to take a close look at some of the different side gigs and hustles that are out there and available for you.”

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