Side Hustle/Full-Time Business Transition – Self-Employment Report Launched

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As an increasing number of people consider the appeal of self-employment, the online resource for business startups Crucial Constructs launches a new report discussing some important considerations.

Crucial Constructs, an internet-based learning center for entrepreneurs and business startups, has launched the latest in a series of reports investigating the prevalence of self-employment.

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With the adoption of remote working practices having gathered pace during the pandemic, the recently published report provides an insight into the steps required to become a work-from-home professional or digital nomad.

Statistics reported by Flexjobs indicated that 4.7 million people, or 3.4% of the USA workforce, were working remotely prior to 2020. Global Workplace Analytics suggests that this figure has increased by over 173% since 2005, and advances in technology along with more widespread acceptance are likely to see the trend continue.

As an increasing number of people realize the attraction of remote working, be it home-based or traveling abroad, Crucial Constructs’ new report discusses some important considerations that should be taken into account prior to turning a part-time work-from-home venture into full-time employment.

In the first instance, the author advises readers not to rush and make sure that they understand what running a full-time business involves. As the report points out, the definition of success can vary from person, and aspiring entrepreneurs should grow a business on the basis of what they enjoy rather than external factors.

A second consideration explained is one of finances. While self-employment may have many appealing elements, Crucial Constructs cautions against resigning from a secure job position too early. It is important to know if a growing business can provide a reliable income stream.

The above outlines two of the five considerations detailed within the new report. Readers can access the full piece, in addition to the full catalog of previous reports, on the Crucial Constructs website.

A company representative stated: “The decision to switch from a hobby to a full-time business, this is not something that can be done lightly. Ask yourself a series of questions to ensure that you’re capable of sustaining the business and more importantly, that is capable of making enough money to survive.”

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