Salt Lake City UT Mold Inspection/Removal – 24/7 Emergency Services Updated

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The Flood Co. (801-294-7452), a water damage restoration business, has updated its service to include mold inspections for homeowners in Salt Lake City, Utah, and the surrounding areas.

The company’s latest update includes comprehensive mold testing and removal following residential water damage. They also offer flooded basement cleanup, ice dam removal, sewage cleanup, and smoke and fire damage restoration.

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, mold exposure can cause sinus irritations, wheezing, and itchy eyes. In some cases, experts have also linked mold to the development of asthma in healthy individuals. With the latest announcement, The Flood Co. protects homeowners and families from mold hazards.

Should clients suffer water damage or spot signs of mold, it’s imperative to act quickly. Once the company has determined the presence of mold, they contain it and assemble ventilation solutions. They explain that containment is essential to stopping contamination spread throughout the home. Additionally, their team disrupts clients’ routines as little as possible during the process.

Once containment is complete, The Flood Co. begins mold remediation. This task involves cleaning, sanitizing, and removing infected materials from the house. To this end, their technicians use a proprietary formula designed to remove harmful bacteria. Critically, the company identifies the contaminant’s source and prevents the mold from reoccurring.

Recently, their technicians completed a mold inspection for clients purchasing a new home. While no mold was immediately visible, the airborne tests reported contaminants in the bedroom, and they investigated further. After the team found mold in the bedroom wall, the previous owner disclosed a previous bib burst — a key revelation for the clients.

The Flood Co. also explains that they side with clients, not insurance companies; they consult with clients to understand their needs and only complete the necessary services. For clients’ protection, the company also has a 24/7 emergency response team — a service rarely offered by an insurance company’s preferred contractor.

About The Flood Co.

With the update, the company continues to provide homeowners in the Salt Lake City area with affordable mold and water damage solutions.

The Flood Co. has over 20 years of experience in the industry. In 2018, the review site Expertise listed them as one of Salt Lake City’s best damage restoration companies.

“This team did a wonderful job,” said a satisfied client. “They responded immediately, maintaining integrity and transparency throughout the process. They completed the work efficiently and helped coordinate with my insurance — I highly recommend them.”

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