Sandy UT Dryer Vent/HVAC Air Duct Cleaning – Lint Removal Services Updated

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All Clean Air Duct Cleaning (801-298-2788) has updated its services to include dryer vent and air duct cleanings for clients in Sandy, Utah. Call to schedule your cleaning today.

The company’s update includes professional dryer cleanings that remove hard-to-reach lint deposits and extend the appliance’s life. They also offer extensive HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) and electrostatic furnace cleanings.

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According to the National Fire Protection Association, approximately 17,000 residential fires are caused by clothes dryers each year. Typically, these fires originate in the vents and lint traps. With the latest announcement, All Clean Air Duct Cleaning protects homeowners against dryer fires.

Should clients notice burning smells in their laundry rooms, a hot appliance, or clothes that take a long time to dry, the company recommends that they schedule a dryer cleaning. While many homeowners believe that removing the lint tray is sufficient cleaning, lint accumulates throughout the appliance and requires specialized tools to remove.

Maintaining a clean, lint-free dryer will save clients money, too. By diminishing the time needed to dry clothes, All Clean Air Duct Cleaning reduces clients’ electricity bills. In fact, they estimate that clogged vents could increase bills by $25 per month. An inefficient dryer will also accumulate moisture — the perfect condition for costly mold growths.

In addition to dryer vents, All Clean Air Duct Cleaning offers a range of HVAC solutions. They understand that a functioning air conditioning unit is vital in Utah, and their team cleans air ducts to ensure that systems run smoothly. Like dryer vents, air ducts quickly accumulate build-up, and thorough cleaning will save homeowners time and money.

About All Clean Air Duct Cleaning

With the update, the company continues to provide clients in Sandy and the surrounding communities with affordable vent and duct cleanings. During their years in business, All Clean Air Duct Cleaning has developed a reputation for meticulous work and friendly customer service.

“As energy costs increase, your dryer vent may be one of the reasons your energy bills are higher than expected,” said a spokesperson for the company. “We can ensure your entire home is in tip-top shape through the cold winter months when your dryer is used more.”

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