Free Event Consultation Launched for Virtual/Hybrid Digital Conference

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A web-based event platform, vConferenceOnline, announces the launch of its latest service – a no-obligation consultation on organizing hybrid and virtual events.

vConferenceOnline offers answers to essential questions, such as what hybrid and virtual events are, and how to host, deliver, manage and evaluate them. The online event company will also show businesses how to increase their return on investment (ROI) with these events.

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By launching this consultation service, the company wishes to provide the necessary information to guide organizations to successful online conferences, workshops and webinars.

In 2021, with the increased use of online tools for meetings of all kinds around the globe, learning and applying these resources can become overwhelming.

The experts at vConferenceOnline can offer ideas and suggestions, based on the virtual event goals and desired outcome of a business. They study a brand’s project and share strategies for content, content repurposing, options for revenues and ways to remain engaged with exhibitors and attendees.

Online events deliver value in a variety of ways. This is accomplished through live streams, exhibit halls, poster halls, live chats, private messaging, concurrent sessions, sponsors and much more.

Digital conferences, classes or webinars supply solutions for organizations and institutions in ways unavailable in the past. For instance, these can be implemented with a high success rate for training and onboarding new employees remotely.

Many academic institutions are known to benefit from the use of these tools with continuing online education and certification programs.

About vConferenceOnline

vConferenceOnline is a company dedicated and built to foment communications and transmit web content for organizations, businesses, brands and institutions.

Rewarding events are those that benefit the host as well as the attendees, and the team at vConferenceOnline has experience in helping thousands of brands. They merge the best of video and presentation technology with a unique interactive environment for an optimal experience for all.

A spokesperson says: “The vConferenceOnline solution is a virtual and hybrid event platform, along with the outstanding team and tools, that delivers best of breed experiences for your attendees, exhibitors and stakeholders.”

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