Mohammed Ali Rashid is the Man You Should Be Following Right Now on Social Media

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( — August 19, 2021) —

What do you want to do online today? Want to catch up on sports news? How about check out the latest in luxury cars or get some new muscle-building workout suggestions?

Or are you in the mood for something hilarious on TikTok?

Look no further than Ali Rashid. Across YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, Rashid offers all of the above and more.

He’s a motivational athlete, a luxury car enthusiast, a fitness buff, and someone dedicated to living life to its fullest. And he shares it all with you.

Sports and More Sports

Ali Rashid, the franchise director at the United Kingdom’s Speedys Wheels and Tyres, started posting videos five years ago and has established a rabid following that keeps growing with every post.

On YouTube, where it all began for Ali Rashid, his videos have garnered more than 2.8 million views. On TikTok, he already has over 161,000 followers and 2.5 million views. And on Instagram, 121,000 follow his photos and short videos.

His most compelling content comes from the sporting world. He’s a fan, just like you. He follows big sports like boxing and mixed martial arts and football, but his content takes his fandom deeper.

It’s enviable content. He showcases big boxing matches live at the events and even backstage. He chats with big names in sports and those on their way up, ranging from athletes like Hamzah Sheeraz and legendary boxing announcer Michael Buffer to Olympian Joe Joyce.

He provides a front-row seat to boxing press conferences and weigh-ins. Through Ali Rashid, you get to know the personalities behind the big names.

And you get it all in one energetic and insightful package. There are humorous takes on sports news and one-of-a-kind interviews with sports figures — and it’s from a relatable sports fan’s perspective.

Motivational Magic

It’s not just other athletes that take up Ali Rashid’s social feeds. A lot of the most popular and interesting content is when Ali Rashid shares his own fitness journey and advice as a motivational athlete.

You see him try boxing drills made popular by Mike Tyson. You see the result of a hardcore 35-day muscle-building transformation. You see him try weightlifting and rep challenges and learning the art of defense.

Ali Rashid is the star of this content but doesn’t act like a star. He is like a friend or relative, sharing the lessons he’s learned about what has worked (and not worked) for him throughout his own athletic endeavors.

There’s solid advice, too, even if you don’t have a gym membership or can bench press 225 pounds. Ali Rashid often shares healthy — and inexpensive — meal suggestions that are heavy on nutrients and easy enough for anyone to follow.

And each year during Ramadan, Ali Rashid offers advice for staying fit during a holiday marked by fasting and serious self-reflection. Watching how he blends fitness training with spiritual growth is truly inspiring.

There’s an unmatched passion in Ali Rashid’s videos — and an infectious personality that keeps you wanting more.

Content King

While motivational athleticism is a constant across Ali Rashid’s social feeds, there’s much more content that keeps his followers wanting more.

Because of his work — and because, well, they’re awesome — Ali Rashid is passionate about sharing anything and everything related to luxury cars. He not only offers glimpses into his own vast collection, including beyond-nice BMWs and Audis but guides on customizing vehicles and before-and-after shots and videos.

How Ali Rashid converts cars is not only another motivational skill for those doing the same, but it’s an exciting journey to take even for car novices. You’ll want to take these rides with him.

Like other successful content creators, Ali Rashid takes risks but shares himself with his followers. His interviews are intriguing and different from anything you’ll see on mainstream sports networks. His looks at his own fitness efforts are honest and impressive without being overly braggy.

Ali Rashid is open to letting anyone into his life — and is excited that you’re sticking around. He’s an open book with a new unexpected chapter with each video, photo, or post, whether it’s a ride in his new BMW X3 M40i or sharing how Arnold Schwarzenegger is still killing the weights at 73.

Across social media, Ali Rashid’s personality is carefully yet seamlessly front and center and that’s what makes his content so compelling and fresh.

You never know what you’re going to get, but you know that you’re going to get something special each time. It’s exclusive content that’s not exclusionary.

Whenever you watch some of Ali Rashid’s content — those fantastic athlete interviews or watch him try out some new fitness challenge or take a newly customized vehicle for a ride — you’re always left wanting more. That’s not easy, but Ali Rashid makes it look like it is.