Newcastle Solicitor Commercial And Corporate Law Office Opening Announced

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Commercial and corporate law firm Pepperells Solicitors has launched a new office in Newcastle, bringing its legal services to the city. The firm works with startups and established businesses houses, offering legal advice in several practice areas.

The launch of the Newcastle office of Pepperells Solicitors brings the firm to a total of six locations in three cities, allowing them to offer their legal services to local businesses and corporations.

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The incorporation of the law firm Millican Law has led to the launch of the Newcastle office, bringing Pepperells Solicitors and its modern but personable approach to law to the city. Industry surveys rank Newcastle among the best places to work and the city is ranked among the country’s most improved cities by PwC.

In the current uncertain market, corporate and private clients are seeking law firms with whom they can form trusted, long-term relationships, as well as those that are innovative and can effectively incorporate technology into their legal services.

Pepperells Solicitors provides a wide range of legal services covering all areas of the law. Services provided for individual clients include family law, criminal defence, libel and slander, and adoption, while corporate clients can receive legal services in the area of contract negotiations, mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcy and insolvency, compulsory purchase, licensing, and insurance, among others.

The firm values approachability and promises a real and personal commitment to its clients. Pepperells Solicitors pride themselves on combining high standards of service, cost-effective results, and a personal touch. The firm’s legal expertise extends to manufacturing and distribution agreements, private equity, due diligence, management buy-outs, and other related practice areas.

In order to better operate within the constantly changing legal sector, Pepperells Solicitors is organized as a limited company rather than following the more traditional partnership structure. To benefit the local communities where its offices are located, Pepperells Solicitors have worked with charitable organizations for the past 25 years. This has ranged from financial donations to the direct participation of staff in fundraising events.

Pepperells Solicitors was founded in 1985, and the company incorporated its first law firm, Ivesons Solicitors, in 2009. The firm is headed by Chief Executive Ben Pepperell and President Stewart Pepperell.

A spokesperson for Pepperells Solicitors said: “Pepperells Solicitors are proud to offer the highest standards of legal services to all our clients wherever they are based. We believe that the opening of our offices in Newcastle offers us the opportunity to be of service to the city’s growing businesses.”

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