2022 Solar Cost-Savings Utility Industry Report Released – Victorville CA

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Due to the recent South California Edison (SCE) utility rate increase, Option One Solar (855 502-6363) is now offering Victorville, California residents a way to cut electricity bills with cost-effective solar power systems.

Option One Solar has released a report detailing Southern California Edison (SCE) rate increases for Victorville residents in 2022. The proposed rate increases would raise utility bills by roughly 15% per year starting from 2021. The highly reputable Apple Valley-based solar energy experts have expanded their services to help Victorville homeowners avoid the increasing rates by switching to eco-friendly solar panels.

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Option One Solar now offers Victorville homeowners top-performing tier one panels for maximum energy production. By installing panels in their homes, residents can turn additional costs from rising utility rates into savings.

Factors such as higher operating expenses for Southern California Edison operation, maintenance expenses due to recent fires, and the implementation of the Staged Water Conservation are cited as the main reasons for the proposed rate increase.

For Victorville residents, who already experience electricity rates 35% higher than the national average, the most suitable solution is to switch to solar power. With Option One Solar, customers can lower their expenses by 90%. By claiming independence from utility companies, homeowners can have a fixed cost for their electricity and avoid future unpredictable expenses.

Option One Solar experts design each system based on the homeowner’s needs. Their technicians use cutting-edge tools for all installation and the most advanced warranty-backed equipment. They can accommodate pitched and flat roofs, as well as ground and carport installations. All homeowners get a 25-year warranty for every part of the system and installation.

Furthermore, investing in solar power is a virtually risk-free investment. Aside from adding value to their home, by switching to solar homeowners stand to save $55,000 over the life of the system. Additionally, there is an expected return on investment of over $40,000.

Option One Solar has been in business for over 50 years. They are trusted by homeowners across the High Desert area for their quality products and services, and exceptional customer services. As a testament to their industry leader status, the company has been voted “Best of the Desert” for 4 years.

A spokesperson for the company said, “In Victorville, Option One Solar has been voted the best company for solar installation and service, by the people and for the people—for 4 years and going. Victorville residents can support the local economy in a number of ways by going with a local business that is established and ready to provide support for the entire life of the system.”

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