Ethically Made Baby/Toddler Toys – Custom-Curated Subscription Boxes Launched

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Treasured Child Company has launched a customizable toy subscription service. Moms will have access to a wide range of environmentally safe toys that aid their child’s growth.

The parent-owned company has created a new service to allow mothers to create toy boxes that are tailored to their child’s needs. Mothers will have access to a wide range of eco-conscious toys that nurture development and learning and encourage play. The boxes are suitable for babies and young children.

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Subscribers can now receive 20 gold coins every two months, which can be exchanged for the toys of their choosing. During the selection process, they will be able to filter their search by age, type, coin value, and activity. The box is then shipped to the customer in biodegradable packaging.

Each toy is heirloom-quality, eco-conscious, and ethically sourced. They are made with durable and sustainable materials and are provided in environmentally friendly packaging. Items include bamboo numbers, a ring stacker, a wooden egg craft kit, and more. Other popular selections include picture books, jigsaw puzzles, and playmats.

Interested parties can start a subscription by selecting the ‘create’ tab on the company’s website. They will also be able to choose a subscription length. There are currently four varieties to choose from, including single, two, four, and six treasure boxes. The maximum subscription is twelve months and parents can purchase additional coins if they want to add more toys to their boxes.

A spokesperson for the company explains, “Treasured Child Co was born from a mother’s desire to provide her children with toys that were both ethically made as well as tailored to her children’s unique developmental trajectory. We don’t believe in a ‘one size (or box!) fits all’ approach. Rather, we allow our caregivers to curate their own boxes for their littles because when it comes down to it, the number one expert in your child is you.”

About The Company

Treasured Child Co is a company that provides kind-to-the-environment toys for young children that are supplied by BIPOC and women-owned businesses. They also source products from eco-conscious brands and other manufacturers in the United States and are passionate about helping children to grow physically and mentally strong.

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