What is COOKING UP JOY ANNUAL SCHOLARSHIP and How You can join it?

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Making food is just not a formality but in this era, it is being a profession for particular groups. Today a huge population of this world is foodie whether some of them are cook.

What about you?

If you are a foodie then it would be good to make some food but if you don’t know how it is going to be cooked? No worries then!  

Some practical work and cooking under guidance can give you a great experience and excellence. Don’t forget that all could be happed just because of your own interest.

If you are fully willing to join cooking classes but don’t have much money to pay please don’t take it seriously.

Budgetbranders.com is here to make you glade.

As we believe that food is the only thing that can bind all. Certainly, we are giving you chance to make your time joyful with a good range of restaurants, bars, and coffee shops. All these places are serving best and providing disposable takeout foods all time also.

Indeed restaurants are some common points of community gathering where often people meet and discuss their plans. Our gatherings can be failing if they serve bad food. In order to get delicious food in a restaurant, it is important to have a good number of chefs in it.

Our Aim

Moving next, education is the only way to follow to get a bright future but it is not possible to get good education for all.

Well, budgetbranders runners know how hard to afford educational expenditures for some people? To provide educational liabilities we are here to help you further. Yeah, we are all about Joy annual scholarship.

Have you ever heard about the Cooking up joy scholarship?

No? let me clear this today!

Cooking up joy annual scholarship

Cooking up joy annual scholarship is introduced by budgetbranders; it contains $1,000 for dedicated students. Those who would like to put more effort into daily meals and want to create a fruitful connection between taste and food are fully welcome to apply for Cooking up joy annual scholarship.

Indeed having tasty food is the only thing that can make everyone joyful and gives some awesome feeling. Through this scholarship, we are waiting to see your interest in cooking and how you prove yourself. 

Let’s Submit the Form Today

If you are willing to get this scholarship amount then get ready and understand the further procedure.

Through this entire process, students are going to ask for the spirit that they have and they have to be creative in a fine way.

At first, make something awesome that you are already an expert in and serve it beautifully. After serving in a plate make sure the garnishing should be perfect because it is going to be clicked someway.

Take a picture of whatever you have done and create an E-mail. In this Email make a write-up note with simply written ingredients & cooking direction of the particular plate.

In this detailed e-mail, you are not bound to write anything extra. Whatever you want to include in this detail you can; whether the dish choice will be at your own taste.

It could be;

  • A full meal
  • An appetizer
  • A side dish
  • A dessert and etc.

Make sure before sending this entire detail it should be perfect for the approval; because once we receive then it’ll be not edible by the time you send it.

The judgment will totally depend on the photo, creativity, plate presentation, cooking time, ingredients, taste, and yes of course health concerns. However, it would be good to recheck the E-mail before participating in the scholarship.

Who can be eligible for this scholarship?

Cooking up joy annual scholarship is introduced for American students. These students could be simply attendant any of schools, colleges, or universities in the USA and their full-time attendance is a must!

No problem if the applier is a cooking student or not; the scholarship is open for all. No particular major is needed for its eligibility whether both undergraduate and graduate students are welcome.

For final eligibility, your GPA score should be at 3.0 or above.

Requirements for this scholarship

As you already know the participating process of this scholarship; needs a well-mannered Email with your own made item. Rather than there is a scholarship form that should be filled with real detail.

Moreover, a certified copy of your transcript will also be required for submission. At the end, once you get everything ready submit it to david.kranker@budgetbranders.com.

Please send the e-mail by the end of this month.

With what you’ll be rewarded?

This is the most interesting part of this detailed page! Let’s see in some detail.

The heritor of this scholarship will simply get $1,000 which is a huge amount to pay education fees and other educational expenditures.

Make sure the payment check will be directly paid to the heritor’s school.

The scholarship winner will be announced by the end of next month 30 Sept 2021 and he/she will be notified through Email.

Instead of the reward Budget, Branders will have the rights of winner’s name, submission content, school name, and the other details submitted already. They will be allowed to use any of the given details for commercial use.


At last, here we have to know the last date of scholar submission. Students who are willing to participate in the Cooking up joy scholarship are simply suggested to proceed given process. Make sure you’ll be quick before 31 august 2021.

Any beautiful mail will be rejected if you send it after deadline date.

What about the brand?

By the name you can simply conceptualize that, Budget Brander’s food and beverages are going to be affordable. We are unexceptionally quick and never compromise with quality.

Budget Branders is Hudsonville based which is working great since 2021. We are proud of the service which we are giving throughout the US. We are running a family-owned business with great pride. We know how to help small businesses while fully ready to make you grow!