Is Buying Instagram Followers For A Startup A Good Idea?

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( — August 20, 2021) —

Instagram is a great platform for marketing your brand. Even great for startups and growing businesses. Instagram is a viewers-driven site, and many followers help in pushing your brand ahead of others. But how do you get those followers?

One of the better-known ways to promote your content is to buy followers. Although Instagram followers do work, but the source plays an important role. A good authentic website will help boost your content, while a bogus site will put your credibility under the scanner. jio rockers tamil

Is it Legal to Buy Instagram Followers?

Purchasing Instagram followers is legal, but at the same time, using bots to boost your account is illegal. Many services are offering paid service. Genuine websites use legal ways; however, fraudulent sites use bots. Bots are inactive and fake accounts that will not help your business. Buying Instagram followers can be a waste because of fake accounts.

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Things To Keep in Mind Before Purchasing Instagram Followers

Paid Instagram followers may look like a good deal. It works, but most of the time, purchased followers are bots or fake accounts. Many cheap services are offering 10,000 followers for just $ 10. In all possibilities, your account will be boost by using bots. Here are a few things you should keep in mind before purchasing Instagram followers.

1.            Fake Followers

Instagram is now cracking accounts with fake followers. It is not easy to boost your performance with fake followers as it violates Instagram’s terms and conditions. Not only can your account be flagged, but it can also be banned or blocked. To buy Instagram likes and followers, you need to be sure about the source and trust him with your card and personal information.

Once you have made the deal and you witness followers rise but does it help? Fake followers’ bots will add on to the figures but not to your business. To help your business grow, you need genuine followers who have the potential to become paying clients. After all, business is all about monetary gains, and it happens with your sales.

2.            Use of Bots

Instagram bots are being extensively used these days. Many companies have automated the process of creating bots and are also selling them. With Instagram usage, bots create a user identity of a real person using stolen images.

The dummy accounts also use organic tactics of liking a post and commenting. Some bots are also designed for content creation. However, these accounts will not have a matching follower ratio, which means the engagement created by bots will have little impact on your business.

3.            Inactive Instagram Accounts

All companies do not sell bots or fake accounts. There are legitimate websites that provide genuine Instagram followers. True users create these accounts, and they are looking for following in return or some token money. But with time, these accounts get dormant and will affect your account’s performance metrics.

Inactive accounts are accounts created for specific requests. The person behind the account has little interest in your brand or product. Even if your followers are increasing, inactive accounts will not impact your business in any way. In addition, buying followers will only cost you money but will not give you leads.

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Pros and Cons to buy Instagram followers for Startups

Not always Instagram followers will hurt your business. Before we come to any conclusion, let us analyze the pros and cons. Let’s begin with all the good things first.

Pros – Instagram Followers

Instagram followers is a good idea from an authentic source. Here are some of the reasons that will help your startup.

1.            Followers Count Increases Organic Viewership

Instagram metrics are dependent on the number of likes and followers. With the increase in our number of followers, you gain an organic view as more and more people visit your account. Consumers make an opinion by looking at the number of followers and number of likes.

If you buy Instagram views and followers from an authentic source helps your startup. With the increase in follower metrics, there are good chances of more viewership and lead generation; these leads and organic followers will become paying clients.


2.            Your Brand Gets Visibility

Instagram metrics decide which brand will feature in the newsfeed. There are many factors to it, and the number of followers is one of them. In addition, engagement and the number of likes also play an important part.

With increasing followers, your brand gets more visibility as compared to other competitors.  The brand with more followers has more chances to appear in the newsfeed. Followers from authentic sources automatically engage your account.

3.            Gets Audience

Engagement encourages visitors to like and comment on your post. As the number of likes and comments increases, you gain more visitors due to increased Instagram metrics. The key to gain organic viewership is to boost your sales. It is where Instagram followers from a trusted source matter.

 4.           Followers Enhance Credibility of your Brand

An increase in followers gives a trust value to your brand. People have faith in brands that have more and more people associated with them. Customers view several followers to measure the authenticity of a brand.

You can also increase your brand’s credibility by choosing a verified Instagram business. Opting for influencer promotion also works to gain authentic followers and getting brand credibility.

Cons – Instagram Followers

With all positives, there is a need to look at the disadvantages. Weighing negatives along with positives is important before coming to any conclusion.

1.            Fake Followers Damages Reputation

Real followers increase credibility, whereas fake followers damage brand reputation. Bogus companies are looking out for trapping clients. Beware of the scams; when in doubt, do not commit yourself.

2.            Followers Don’t Buy Products

Startups need business to grow. The main idea to gain followers is to gain leads that turn into paying clients. Paid Instagram service helps in increasing followers but may not provide customer leads.

3.            Risk of Getting Banned

There are chances to get highlighted in Instagram metrics. Your account is terminated if your engagement shows the use of fake accounts or bots. Always make sure you buy Instagram followers from a reliable and authentic source.

4.            Short Term Results

If you buy Instagram followers, it may boost your account, but it will prove to be a short-term gain. If you are looking for business gains, look for loyal customers who vouch for your product and services.


Instagram followers for startups has its merits and demerits. Genuine followers can surely boost your profile, helping gain customers. At the same time, Instagram followers from unreliable sources will not only prove futile but can also damage your reputation. Make sure you buy Instagram followers from a reliable source if you must.

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