Adventure Activities In Dubai To Give You An Adrenaline Rush!

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( — August 20, 2021) —

If you’re looking for a vacation filled with adventure, an adrenaline rush like never before and maybe a redefined touch of crazy, head over to Dubai and experience a vacation of a life. Dubai has from time immemorial been home to a wide array of adventure sports activities of all sorts! Right from skyscrapers soaring into the skies, to stunning beaches, desert safaris and so much; you name it and Dubai has something for you.


Tourists are in for an experience they’re most definitely going to cherish and remember for a long time too. The adventure activities that Dubai has to offer are sure to keep you pumped and daring to go, all the way through your journey. Each activity comes with a whole new theme and adventure level to it, thus making each activity unique distinct and true to its nature. So whether you’re a couple, family, or maybe even a group of friends; Dubai has everything you need.


Find some of the best and most sought after adventure activities in Dubai, all listed below. Make the most of your vacation and enjoy an adventure trip through some best Dubai package that will forever be etched in your memories.


Burj Khalifa Pinnacle Base Jump


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For all you first-time visitors to Dubai, the ‘Burj Khalifa Pinnacle Base Jump,’ is the first place you’ve got to head towards. Known to be the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa is truly a redefinition of itself when one witnesses the building in person. Tourists make their way up towards the 148th floor of the skyscraper, the tallest observation point available for tourists. But, what if we say a jump from the 163rd floor is what you could get? Would that excite you? A fall from the highest floor on the tallest building in the world, what could be more adventurous or crazy than that? The experience is sure to guarantee an adrenaline rush like never before and a surreal experience you’ll never forget!


Skydive over Palm Jumeirah


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If you thought the Burj Khalifa is the maximum that Dubai could offer. A ‘Skydive over Palm Jumeirah,’ is just what you need. Imagine jumping down a height of 14000 feet above the sea level, as you dive overlooking the desert lands of Palm Jumeirah! Tourists are bolted with all the safety gear and the parachute of course that they will need. They are also assisted with a specialized guide through the course of their journey. As the helicopter doors open and the wind gushes towards your face, that is an unbelievable experience altogether. Get ready to witness Atlantis, Burj Khalifa, and some other major landmarks, as you soar through the skies at great speed. Could adventure get any better?


Dune Bashing


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If there’s one thing that Dubai is renowned for, it’s the ‘Dune Bashing,’ experience that tourists from all over the world travel to be part of. Tourists witness the long stretches of the desert land, as they speed through in their desert dunes, moving up gears as you make your way through. The experience most often brings back memories of the ‘Fast and Furious Movie,’ allowing tourists to relive the craziness of the movie in real life.


Maneuver on a Flyboard


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Tourists find them mounted upon jets that are attached to their legs, as they are jetted into the air at great speed. The ‘FlyBoard,’ offers tourists breathtaking views as they enjoy the gushing winds on their face and hustle through the water. Soar at heights of about 100 feet and even dive deep into the water at about 150 kilometers per hour. You could experience the best of both worlds, could it get any better?


Zip Lining


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The ‘World’s Longest Zip Line,’ is yet another adventure that Dubai has in store for the adventure lover in you. Tourists can enjoy a 40-second zip, at about 60 to 70 kilometers per hour, at a height of 1800 feet! It truly is an experience worth the try. Not only is exhilarating but it also gives tourists an exceptional view of the entire region, as you zip past various structures along the way.



Shark Diving


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If you’d like to take the adventure to the next level, tourists could also stop by and try a shot at the ‘Shark Diving,’ experiences that Dubai has been widely acclaimed for. The Dubai Mall enables tourists the opportunity to dive into the deep, in a caged environment and witness the great sharks up close. This could be one of the deadliest encounters you’ll experience.





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If you’re looking for a beautiful, serene environment with a redefinition of adventure; ‘Snorkeling,’ in the crystal clear waters along the coast is something you could most definitely try out. The exquisite marine life and elegance of the corals is truly a sight to marvel at and offer a memorable experience to your trip. Though there are multiple places you could try snorkeling at, the ‘Atlantis – The Palm,’ offers the best and most unique experience of the lot!


Are your Dubai travel plans up and gunning, with the plethora of adventure activities available for you to choose from! Feel free to reach out to expert travel planners like Pickyourtrail, who offer customized Dubai tour packages just for you. Ideate your Dubai vacation today!

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