Why Applozic a Better Alternative to CometChat?

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What developers expect from chat APIs is that they start working from the moment they get integrated with the platform. Businesses don’t appreciate losing out on their precious time figuring out the best product in the market for their purpose.

There’s no doubt that CometChat offers a satisfactory product suite. But they are merely a band-aid solution when it comes to comprehending the requirements of the developers. 

On the contrary, Applozic provides a comprehensive solution inclusive of seamless and versatile chat APIs and chat SDKs, a configurable User Interface (UI) kit, and concise documentation to cater to all your needs. 

What Makes Applozic a Superior Product to CometChat?

If you want to quickly build and integrate full-featured chat experiences into your web and mobile apps, switching to Applozic is recommended! Here are some key reasons that make Applozic a better product to develop chat platforms than CometChat and most other products:

1. Built Keeping Developers in Mind, Not Machines

Applozic has a streamlined development process so that users can create excellent chat platforms in record time. The fully-featured chat APIs and chat SDKs, and customizable UI kit, make development a breeze.

2. A Full-Featured Chat Platform

Applozic empowers the developers to code, create, and develop a chat product that could be delivered within hours, not months, thanks to our flexibility and complete chat functionalities. The chat APIs and chat SDKs from Applozic are designed to work in any industry, be it healthcare, EdTech, eCommerce, or gaming.  

3. Seamless Integration Capability

Most chat platforms like CometChat focus solely on how developers read and interact with documents, but this is not the case with Applozic. This tool reprimands it and seamlessly integrates it into any platform of your choice.

4. Concise, Easy-to-Follow Documentation

Applozic has created the documents in an easy-to-understand language, allowing developers to innovate on their contexts and save hours of research time.

5. Strong Community Support

Applozic is committed to making team and customer support for developers as simplistic as possible. It enables you to contact assistance, engage in conversations with experts, and feel assured handling documents you’ll comprehend.

Top Features of Applozic

Have a look at some features of the chat SDK and messaging suite solution that let your developers build industry-best, reliable, and scalable chat products: 

  1. End-to-End Real-Time Communication Suite: Integrate SDKs and APIs for cross-platform chat, video, and voice messaging right into your app.

  1. Private and Group Chat Options With Rich File-Sharing: Choose between private individual chats and group chats to interact with your users. Moreover, share multimedia items rapidly and effortlessly from your phone, including videos, documents, still images, and more.

  1. Online and Offline Messaging Equipped With Push Notifications: Both types of messaging capabilities are enabled. Moreover, you can send smart, tailored push notifications to your users to enhance engagement.

  1. Advanced Analytics and Reporting: Applozic enables you to make data-driven informed decisions by helping you track imperative data in one centralized dashboard. Chat usage metrics, behavioral analytics, and reporting and exporting capability come embedded with the product.

  1. Customizable UI Kit: The configurable UI messaging kit allows developers to customize the chat and messaging features. Furthermore, you could easily incorporate custom apps and integrations like CRMs, AI chatbots, webhooks, etc.


  1. Unparalleled Data Security: Applozic shields your data, information, documents, and other crucial files shared through chats by enabling end-to-end security capable of safeguarding them right from your first chat. 

  1. In-Depth User Chat Moderation: Applozic enables you to moderate the users availing of your chat services. Chat moderators could readily block users’ spamming, sensor and filter foul or offensive language, and blacklist troublesome contacts all on one platform. 


Applozic is known to deliver the best quality chat solution possible for your business. It distinguishes itself through enhanced integrations, flexible scalability, and effective communication tools and channels that are designed explicitly with a developer-oriented mindset. 

Applozic’s chat APIs and chat SDKs offer 100% scalability and reliability to aid in your business growth, that’s the reason why Applozic is the best cometchat alternative. The platform provides in-app communications for businesses of all scales – from start-ups to well-established organizations.

Now that you are aware of Applozic’s important features, you can now gauge if the services it offers are sufficient for your consumers and operations.