Los Feliz Commercial Carpet Cleaning Floor Care Eco-Friendly Services for CoV-19

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JP Carpet Cleaning & Expert Floor Care (1-818-263-9314) launches its updated services for commercial clients in Los Feliz, California. It caters to the greater San Fernando Valley region and serves businesses both big and small.

The reputable company uses green methods to minimize the environmental impact of its carpet cleaning. Its eco-friendly solutions result in spotless carpets that do not harbor toxic chemicals.

More information about JP Carpet Cleaning & Expert Floor Care is available via https://www.jpcarpetandfloorcare.com

The announcement is a response to the demand for safer workplaces, especially as people start returning to the office. The cleaning company is staffed with highly trained experts who can efficiently clean commercial spaces without disrupting operations.

Regular cleaning is crucial because carpets tend to be breeding grounds for pathogens like bacteria and viruses. However, most commercially available cleaning products contain noxious ingredients such as perchloroethylene and naphthalene.

JP Carpet Cleaning & Expert Floor Care believes that cleaning can be done without the use of chemicals that can impair people’s health and well-being. The trusted contractor adds that once treated, carpets will be safe even for pets—a must for pet-friendly businesses.

The company works closely with clients to understand their specific needs and budget, which allows it to create bespoke plans. Its staff can handle projects of all sizes and has successfully serviced many prominent clients in the region.

It can clean all kinds of carpets, including those made of nylon, wool, polyester, acrylic, and wool. While clients can book the company for one-off cleaning tasks, they can save money by signing a recurring carpet maintenance service.

Customers can also take advantage of JP Carpet Cleaning & Expert Floor Care’s full suite of offerings, including cleaning services for floors, tiles, and upholstery. Likewise, it also provides property sanitization, further ensuring the safety of people in commercial settings.

About JP Carpet Cleaning & Expert Floor Care

A leading cleaning contractor, the company was founded in 2007 by owners who care about effective cleaning and protecting the environment.

A spokesperson says: “You, as the client, are our priority, so we work to give you the most outstanding service from beginning to end. From the first phone call to the final handshake, we keep you informed every step of the way.”

Interested parties may visit https://www.jpcarpetandfloorcare.com if they need further details.