Food Origin Tracking QR Codes – Consumer Groceries Sustainability App Launched

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Arizona-based iFoodIQ has updated its system for tracing food products from the point of origin or harvesting to the grocery store or restaurant where they are sold to consumers.

The recent updates by iFoodIQ take advantage of changes in how consumers use technology in relation to the food they eat. Using QR code technology, the company can provide instant, detailed information to end consumers about the food they have purchased.

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With the new information now available to consumers, it is possible to see more than just the location the product originally came from. The company’s goal is to allow consumers access to the stories behind each product and the people that produce them.

Recent surveys showed that 65% of consumers consider the accuracy of the information provided by grocery stores when choosing a regular destination to shop at. Half of the consumers surveyed also believe that openness and honesty about business practices is an important factor when choosing a primary grocery store.

The rise in consumer demand for traceability led iFoodIQ to offer new insights into the people behind the products offered at local stores. The data available to consumers through their program includes detailed information about where the food came from, who harvested it, and how they operate their business.

One example used by the company is the ability of a consumer to scan a QR code and find out where their seafood was caught. They will also have access to the name of the ship, some information about the captain, and the sustainability of the process.

The way customers shop and choose products is changing. Providing them with this extra information allows them to make informed choices about what they eat, but more than that, it allows them to feel involved. It also provides an increased feeling of trust between the suppliers and the consumers.

For over 20 years Food Marketing Solutions, the parent company of iFoodIQ, has been successfully implementing food branding and marketing strategies. They know customers value having a choice and the ability to have an impact through their choices. Food traceability is the next step in the relationship between food suppliers and consumers.

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