College Dudes Help U Move Provides Insight On How Much To Tip Movers

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Need to hire local movers and trying to decide how much to tip? College Dudes Help U Move helps consumers determine how much to tip movers.

You’re busy, so you decide to hire a professional moving company to assist with your move. Your next thought is probably going to be how much you should tip your professional movers. It just might be easier to leave a little something for each crew member than it is to have them working for you and at the same time worrying about how much they are getting tipped.

Before you go give your mover a tip, it’s important that you know what their role is on moving day. Movers can operate in one of three capacities: they can be independent contractors, employees of a large local moving company (Such As College Dudes Help U Move) or employees of a large international moving company (such as Atlas). Movers working in an employee capacity may get health benefits and other standard perks while movers working as independent contractors will probably not receive any special favors from the company. Movers operating as independent contractors are usually paid

How Much Should Movers Be Tipped And Why Should They Be Tipped?

Movers work in a very demanding and stressful environment. Movers are on their feet all day, carrying heavy boxes up and down stairs, lifting sharp objects that may scratch them or injure them and sometimes having to relive the same motions over and over again. It can be an extremely strenuous job for even physically fit people much less older individuals with bad backs or others who have physical difficulties. Movers often work long days without breaks as they try to get everything done as quickly as possible so that they can move on to the next customer’s house. Movers also risk injury every time they move furniture especially when moving large pieces of furniture such as TV console cabinets where they must lift them from one side while navigating narrow stairways at apartment complexes etc.

Movers often end up with injuries due to having to lift heavy furniture and transport them in tight spaces. Movers also have to deal with people who do not provide the necessary help which adds even more stress onto their jobs. Movers are also responsible for making sure that all your belongings arrive at the new destination safely which is why it’s important that they make it without any problems and damage. Movers work hard everyday in order for you to reach your desired location with your belongings safe and secure, so remember this when considering whether or not you should tip Movers when moving across town or across country.

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