UK Bitcoin Trading Advice For Beginners – Crypto Market Investor Resource Launch

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Many try to join the crypto bandwagon in the hopes of turning a nominal amount into millions. One crypto specialist aims to help these newcomers make intelligent decisions with the aid of a new expertly written report.

The newest cryptocurrency information resource has been launched to help beginners gain a solid understanding of cryptocurrencies. Aimed at European markets, Crypto Warriors hopes to cater to areas that display a healthy growth of crypto adoption like the UK and the Netherlands.

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This newly announced resource offers prospective investors a series of guides that cover a number of foundational topics in investing and trading. The scope of the series is expansive, covering a wide range of subjects, from crypto’s history to advanced trading strategies.

For absolute beginners, the site offers an article listing the important milestones in the history of the asset class, such as Satoshi Nakamoto’s historic publication of his white paper in 2008 and the unprecedented rise of Bitcoin’s value in 2017.

Readers can then learn about the activities that are more relevant to generating revenue like mining and trading. Crypto Warriors has authored in-depth articles on both subjects and added sections that explain the slangs that newcomers are likely to encounter like FOMO and FUD, among many others.

The most common activities like buying and selling are taught in another guide, as well as the various ways to earn free digital currencies from a variety of sources.

More adept traders looking for advanced strategies can learn about the advantages of trading bots in one guide that covers it in great length. This material makes a case for bots by enumerating the three areas where it has a tremendous advantage over a human trader.

Crypto adoption in the UK has grown by leaps and bounds. Since 2018, the number of people who have bought digital currencies in the country has increased by 558%, according to Finder.

In the Netherlands, 520,000 people, or about 3% of citizens, own some form of cryptocurrency, a study by payment company TripleA found.

“The recent rallies by Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other digital assets have piqued the interest of many individuals who are looking for investments with impressive returns. But without proper grounding on the basics, they can easily get burned,” a Crypto Warriors spokesperson said, “Our resources offer a way to build that much-needed foundation quickly, so they can start investing with confidence.”

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