UK Online Business Marketing Accredited Diploma/Social Media SEO Courses Launch

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Online resource Kailani Media is expanding its business model to provide CPD accredited Internet Marketing Courses. Designed for small business owners looking to leverage the digital marketplace, and aspiring entrepreneurs looking to build successful online businesses, courses offer up-to-date training.

Starting an online business is not a difficult task. Marketing that business and generating revenue is where most people run into difficulty. With the availability of their online digital marketing course selection, the team at Kailani Media is giving today’s entrepreneurs the skills and education they need to develop and grow a lucrative online enterprise.

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The prospects of owning an online business attract many people because of the ease, flexibility and low set-up costs that define these endeavours. To run an online business successfully, however, takes knowledge and a high degree of comfort with digital technologies. To help today’s aspiring entrepreneurs make the leap from business idea to implementation and growth, the company’s services now include a comprehensive array of easy-access, online instructional courses.

Modules provide participants with the knowledge they’ll need to succeed in e-commerce. From an accredited diploma in internet marketing to social media marketing, TikTok essentials, business growth, YouTube monetisation, digital marketing mastery and more, courses provide instant access to the skills and insights digital entrepreneurs need to compete effectively within this growing and complex field.

The curriculum helps with idea and concept development, lead generation, brand building and other necessary skill sets that ensure business owners can achieve the exposure and traffic they need to develop a healthy customer base and grow their revenue.

Contrary to traditional 8-hour jobs with salary caps, policies and protocols, and day-to-day meetings, online business models have no set work schedules, no human resource manuals, and no upper management or c-suite executive to answer to. Online business owners play all those roles, on their own schedules, to generate income streams or create a popular, high-income brand.

A recent graduate says, “My turnover is now a healthy £400-500k. The prospects of becoming a millionaire when I left the police academy were non-existent and to achieve this within a few years is truly unbelievable. Now I know how to steer my online business to where I want it to be.”

With the expansion of their services to include a comprehensive online internet marketing curriculum, the team at Kailani Media is giving ambitious UK business owners and aspiring digital entrepreneurs the foundations they need to create the online careers that suit their schedules and their lifestyle goals.

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