Nashville TN Country Music Financial Grant – Aspiring Artists Fellowship Launch

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Nashville, TN – The Writing Shack, Inc. (770-815-8449) launches its Artist Fellowship. The non-profit organization helps independent creatives with writing, recording, distributing, and marketing a record.

The Writing Shack, Inc announces its Artist Fellowship program. The non profit works with aspiring artists to kick start their career. Russ Still, the founder, says that the current music industry is very difficult to navigate, often leaving new artists unnoticed or and floundering. The organization facilitates the process for new artists.

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The newly announced program offers direction and financial assistance to qualified artists. Qualified members of the fellowship will receive a monthly stipend, recording and marketing support.

Still explains that many independent artists struggle in the first few years in the business. This is because most musicians begin without any financial support which they can use to promote themselves accordingly. Inspired to help more people live out their passions, he created the non-profit group to bridge this gap.

Nevertheless, The Writing Shack can only accept a limited number of members into its Artist Fellowship program. Interested members need to fill out the application form on the website and include some video and audio examples of their original musical works.

Once accepted into the program, members are required to write original songs to include on a full length record. Once the songs are ready they are recorded and distributed along with a marketing campaign to promote their project.

The Writing Shack will provide the necessary information and support throughout the entire fellowship.

Individuals or groups interested in making one time or ongoing tax deducible donations can do so at

A spokesperson for the group said, “Our vetting process is comprehensive. We support artists of all styles and genres. Secondly, we want to ensure that the applicant has the enthusiasm, initiative, and overall drive to see their project through completion and beyond. We accomplish this through our interview process.”

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