California Reversible Patterned Face Masks – Polypropylene Local Apparel Updated

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Wavzcap announces an updated line of products to include locally made, reversible face masks available to California clients. The face masks come in over 1000 patterns and can be custom ordered.

Wavzcap has expanded its apparel collection to include protective face masks for Californians during the pandemic. The Connecticut-based company specializes in beach-inspired clothing and jewelry.

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This latest announcement will help California residents access locally made, reusable face masks suitable for all ages and face sizes.

The company was founded by avid surfer Gail Kotowski after designing the titular Wavzcap – a neoprene baseball cap with a fitted chin strap to prevent heat loss on the water. The apparel company has since grown to include a range of fashionable handmade hats, necklaces and scarves.

The company’s collection of face masks are made from 100% quilting cotton. All masks come with a double-layered, internal filter made of polypropylene. The non-woven, waterproof textile makes an ideal filtering layer as it is soft and breathable, but will not let aerosols pass through.

Wavzcap’s masks come with a wire on the bridge of the nose, enabling the wearer to pinch the area so the mask fits closely to the wearer’s face. The product is available in three standard sizes, small, medium and large, so clients can find the best fit for their face.

The products are reversible and are available in a variety of stylish designs. Clients can choose between over 1000 patterns, including shells, pearls, colorful cats, cheetah print and more.

Clients can also opt to custom order a mask if they do not see a pattern that suits their personal style. Wavzcap even makes masks for special events, such as weddings or birthdays.

The store’s updated collection of face masks is in line with Wavzcap’s commitment to providing clients with fashionable, yet protective apparel. Moreover, the company has developed a strong reputation for its high-quality products and level of client care.

One satisfied client said: “I like to wear a baseball hat when I paddle to block the sun, but in surf, the hat gets knocked off and it’s cold in the winter as it doesn’t keep my head warm once it gets wet. That’s where Wavzcap comes in. The two features I really like are the chin strap to keep the cap on your head and the brim to keep the sun out of your eyes.”

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