SSAT/ISEE Test Preparation Coaching – Customized Tutoring Report Updated

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Dr. Kelly Frindell has released a report on test preparation for the ISEE and SSAT exams, which discusses test dates, preparation methods, and her proven coaching services.

Test prep expert, Dr. Kelly Frindell, has released a report on SSAT and ISEE test preparation. The experienced coach provides parents with the guidance they need to help their students score highly on standardized tests, such as the SAT, ACT, SSAT, and ISEE.

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The release of the report aims to answer common questions and concerns related to the SSAT and ISEE tests and help parents guide their children through the test preparation process.

The report opens with a discussion of the importance of test preparation. Though it was once sufficient to perform a light review prior to test day, that is no longer the case. As competition for limited seats in prestigious classrooms has increased, the best institutions now require scores well above average to begin considering admission.

Next, the author advises parents to ask schools which exams they accept, as some schools prefer the SSAT, others prefer the ISEE, and many accept both.

The report goes on to discuss when the tests should be taken. Typically, both the ISEE and SSAT can be taken from October until the end of January. However, parents are advised to check the admissions decision dates of their children’s preferred schools to ensure that they meet application deadlines.

Dr. Frindell recommends that students devote part of their study time to improving their vocabulary, as vocabulary is an important determinant of performance on both tests. She suggests reviewing high frequency vocabulary lists as an effective study method.

In addition, parents are advised to encourage students to review basic math skills, including formulas and times tables.

With her test preparation coaching services, Dr. Frindell gives students the 1-on-1 guidance they need to achieve success. She works with students to accommodate their schedule and provide them with a customized learning plan.

Dr. Frindell has a proven history of success, as she said: “I’ve worked with thousands of students over the past 20 years, and I’ve found that the process can actually be quite simple. If you’re interested in helping your child achieve the score of their dreams, schedule a free strategy session with me.”

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