Sharp rise in minor hospitalizations in the prime cities of Pakistan

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( — August 25, 2021) —

According to a report published by CNN, in the USA, 49,000 children have been hospitalized due to the recent surge of the new strain of coronavirus that is the Delta Virus. It has been reported by CDC, that the hospitalization rate has been increased between 14 and 20 August with 276 children getting infected. All this catastrophic condition is because of the novel delta variant and the school season that is on its way. The US doctors have also stated that half of the hospitalizations have been under the age of 2. The delta variant is the current hot topic because the rate of transmission of this virus is ten times faster than that of an average covid-19 virus. Another notable red flag here is that half of the children that were admitted exhibited little to no traditional sign. 

The stats are no different in Pakistan. The mortality rate is elevating with every passing day. Above 7052 children from different cities in Pakistan have been infected by this virus. The mortality rate is higher in prime cities of Pakistan and that is mainly due to the population growth. With cough, flu, and fever being the major symptoms the rate of child hospitalization is increasing with every passing day. The numbers of infected children were 75 and then the numbers soared to more than 2500 in June. These stats are a clear indication that standard operating procedures are lacking and the public is not taking these matters seriously. 

If we are to talk about our neighbor, India has gravely suffered from the catastrophic events of this virus. But the rate of children that are being admitted in the hospitals is also witnessing a sharp rise. The age group that is being hospitalized is between one to five. 

India has also reported an infected case of Covid-19 in a newborn of one and a half months of age. The numbers have increased five-folds and as compared to the stats of the last year. According to doctors of the subcontinent, parents have to get rid of the myth that the pediatric age is immune to the after-effects of the coronavirus. The Delta variant affects people regardless of age. It is a noteworthy point here that the most affected age group due to this trending strain is the age group between one to five.

Children are equally affected by this virus although the numbers may not be as jarring as they are in the case of adults they are still alarming.

It is very important in such drastic times, especially when the social life is this limited to get online consultation. There are a number of digital healthcare facilities which are offering their services to the general public in this time of need. Corona carnage is for all age groups. 

So, get over the fact that your Kid is immune to the effects of Covid-19!