New Research Highlights Link Between Sleep and Elevated Heart Risks

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( — September 1, 2021) Orlando, FL — Researchers have long been carrying out studies to investigate the impacts of sleep on heart health. Today, there is an increasing number of people who struggle with cardiovascular health issues.

A study was carried out and presented at the American College of Cardiology’s 70th Annual Scientific Session.

In this research, it has been found that too much or too little sleep is associated with increased heart risks in people free from disease. 

More particularly, individuals with six to seven hours of sleep every night had the lowest odds of death from a heart attack or stroke when compared with those who got less or more sleep.

Researchers said that this study is the first to explore the link between baseline cardiovascular risk and sleep duration. It actually adds to mounting evidence that sleep may play a defining role in a person’s risk of cardiovascular disease. 

According to Kartik Gupta, MD, sleep is often overlooked as something that may play a role in cardiovascular disease, and it may be among the most cost-effective ways to lower cardiovascular risk.”

Gupta is a resident of, Division of Internal Medicine, Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, and the lead author of the study. 

“Based on our data, sleeping six to seven hours a night is associated with more favorable heart 


In this research, the investigating team included data from 14,079 participants in the 2005-2010 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. 

The investigators tracked the subjects for a median duration of 7.5 years to see if they died due to heart attack, heart failure, or stroke. 

On average, the 46-year-olds were surveyed and half were women and 53 percent were non-white. Further, less than 10 percent of participants had a history of heart failure, heart disease, or stroke.

An increasing number of studies are looking into the various aspects of sleep and heart health. It is worth keeping in mind that there are many ways to enhance sleep and protect the heart, which can altogether avoid health complications.

Foods containing B vitamins are particularly found helpful. B vitamins have long been a popular subject of research due to their strong medicinal effects.

In some studies, intake of B vitamins led to improvements in sleep. What makes them even more beneficial is that they are also protective of the heart.

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