Career Test for Job Matching and Work Personality Strength Profiler Launched

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Career path selection is a challenge for many. CareerFitter launched an update to its career test, assessing work personality strengths, matching careers, providing career research, and more.

The American-based career assessment now offers modern updates to their 60-question career test that identifies work personality strengths and traits and best career match compiled into a customized premium report that directly links users to resources, helping them get started in their most suitable career paths.

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The recently enhanced service combines over 20 years of experience that CareerFitter has in the assessment sector, and also integrates with a range of other job-based resources to provide a more comprehensive solution.

Most young people are faced with multiple external influences when selecting their future careers. Parental and societal expectations can lead to career choices that are not always a good fit. Research has indicated that employment that is poorly suited to an individual’s personality can lead to a significant decline in job satisfaction, as well as anxiety and depression.

Designed by leading psychologists, the complimentary test from CareerFitter focuses specifically on an individual’s work personality, which can often differ significantly from how they behave in a non-working environment.

Updates to the platform include a continually evolving program of algorithms that are based on scientific and psychological research. The aim is to provide users with a more accurate picture of the careers that best suit their specific personality in the workplace and offer insights into their strengths and weaknesses when dealing with job challenges.

In addition to career suggestions, the site also integrates with a number of other resources to give users an advantage on starting their career path. The goal is to guide the user to the careers that best fit them, provide insights into their personality strengths, provide career details and videos of what salary and environment to expect when working, and provide real-time information about companies that are hiring near them.

The career videos and modern career data information cover areas such as education and experience requirements, daily job responsibilities, industry demand, salary potential, and more. The service also links directly to job boards, which give users an indication of current vacancies in a particular field.

While the service can be accessed at no cost, more comprehensive reports are available for a small additional one-time fee that includes a satisfaction guarantee. CareerFitter has been working with career coaches, large corporations, and colleges for over 20 years. They also provide career coaches and advisors with easy-to-use multi-client dashboards and bulk purchase discounts.

A satisfied user stated: “I started with the free career test that simply asked questions about me. I liked that there were no wrong answers. The information was so accurate and helpful I got the premium report. One of my career matches suggested I would be a good teacher. I always thoughts this would be a good career for me and my dad was a college professor. Now, I am using their research to learn more about my potential careers. I was set on going to art school but now I am on a new path. This career test helped give me several promising alternatives. I very much recommend this.”

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