ALGLAS Aircraft Cleaning Chemical Products – Joining the Airlines War on Covid

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Aircraft cleaning chemicals manufacturer ALGLAS has put forward its range of aviation industry-approved cleaners and sanitizers designed to maintain hygiene standards in cabin and cockpit interiors.

Protecting aircrew, cabin staff and passengers from Covid infection is paramount as airlines are striving to get airborne again. Brixham-based business ALGLAS is beginning to see even greater demand for its cleaning products now than in its 23 years history of serving the aviation industry.

ALGLAS has a niche among other major suppliers of cleaning chemicals for use on aircraft. Its wipes and spray bottle products are designed specifically for use on aircraft glass and acrylics and on aircraft instrument displays, VDU and communications equipment.

An ALGLAS spokesperson explained that most traditional cleaning products are too aggressive to be applied to sensitive areas inside an aircraft. Their regular use can cause crazing on aircraft acrylics and can damage the substrate of materials surrounding aircraft instrument displays. Cleaning chemicals with high alcohol content may even pose a risk of explosion and fire if used on powered-up instrument displays. However, ALGLAS products are formulated to be both highly effective and safe.

The spokesperson said, “Anyone contemplating air travel for business or leisure will be understandably concerned about hygiene and cleanliness from the moment they board an aircraft. Airlines are instituting a range of measures to protect aircrew and passengers from Covid. What is needed is defense in depth. This should include regular use of products such as our ALG/CR215 Antistatic wipes that clean and sanitize the surfaces from which bacteria and viruses can be spread. Because they are applied directly by the crew, they give them a direct measure of confidence that they are protected.”

Before the Covid pandemic, it was clear to that the use of ALGLAS cleaning products varied between airlines. This was almost certainly an indicator of the differing levels of attention given to some aspects of cleanliness and hygiene. As we move forward, it seems that all airline operators and aircraft maintenance organizations are now paying serious attention to ensuring complete safety for aircrew, cabin crew and passengers. That’s good news for them and good for the future of ALGLAS.

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