Chattanooga Motorcycle Accident Personal Injury Lawyer – Expert Report Released

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A Tennessee-based personal injury law firm has published a report for Chattanooga motorcycle riders explaining what to do if they are involved in an accident.

The Law Office of Burroughs & Capps, a Tennessee-based personal injury law firm, has announced the publication of an online report explaining what motorcycle riders in Chattanooga should do if they are involved in an accident.

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The announcement will be of interest to individuals in Chattanooga who have been involved in a motorcycle accident or wish to prepare themselves for the eventuality of such an incident.

The report highlights how motorcycle riders are five times more likely to be hurt in a road traffic accident than car drivers. It also suggests that many insurance companies will typically believe the motorcyclist is at fault for the accident. This is why motorcyclists need an assertive lawyer with years of experience in handling motorcycle injury cases.

The law firm advises that motorcyclists involved in an accident should immediately call 911, seek medical assistance, and file a police report. They should then try and collect as much information as possible from potential witnesses and take photographs of the accident scene. Photographs should include damage to the motorcycle involved and any physical injuries.

Motorcyclists should remember not to give a recorded statement to any insurance company until they have spoken to a personal injury lawyer and then only to your own insurance company in rare cases. When speaking to your insurance company, motorcyclists have the right to be represented by an attorney and should always ensure you have one prior to giving any recorded statement. A skilled lawyer will protect the rider against saying anything that could later be held against them.

The Law Office of Burroughs & Capps has been helping motorcycle riders who have been injured in road traffic accidents receive the justice they deserve since 1999. The law firm will provide you with a free consultation and case evaluation with no charge or further obligation. All cases are handled on a no-win, no-fee basis.

A spokesperson for the firm said, “Accidents involving motorcycles are often very different from other road traffic accidents. Unfortunately, insurance companies will often seek to blame motorcyclists regardless of who is at fault. That’s why it’s never too early to call an experienced personal injury lawyer who will come out fighting for you.”

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