Common Roof Coating Mistakes

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( — August 27, 2021) —

Coating your roof helps to prolong its useful life by protecting it from damage which can be caused by sunlight, rainfall, thunderstorms or other weather elements in their extremities or excessiveness.

You will learn about the common roof coating mistakes that can make your investment in roof coating a waste of money and your precious time, which they say is money! 

Read on to discover these mistakes.

  • Choosing an inexperienced roofer for your roof coating: you must ensure whoever you will hire to help coat your roof has prior experience using roof coats on roofs. Take the pain of investigating your roofer’s background before awarding your project to him or her. Psst: get this ​​Golden roofing company for your roofing solutions.
  • Poor roof preparation: before proceeding with the coating of your roof ensure the roof is in a condition that favors the application of coats. Do not spray a roof that’s covered with moisture.  If the roofing coat is suited for such surfaces, you don’t have to worry about spraying a wet roof.
  • Thin application roof coats: in the bid to economize resources your roofer may needlessly manage the roof coat while applying to the roof. This reduces the longevity of the coat on the roof’s surfaces and within a shorter time frame, you’ll discover the roof coating to be peeling off.
  • Not performing inspection before settling for roof coating: there are instances where what your roof needs is complete reroofing or repair of the damaged parts. not the application of acrylic paints to the roof. A roof coating will be effective only when it is applied to roofs in good condition.
  • Not mixing the roof coating properly before applying to the roof: roof coatings are made of ingredients that vary in size, bigger sized ingredients may therefore settle at the bottom of the liquid so you must ensure the coating is thoroughly mixed to achieve uniformity in the application of the roof coating.
  • Coating a roof on a wrong day: The roof coating must become dry for it to be effective in protecting the roof. This is why you should encourage your roofer to come and apply the coating on a sunny day. it‘s best to apply roof coating during summer as it enhances the curing of the roofing coats.
  • Misapplication of roof coating: Endeavour to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when preparing to apply or during the application of the roof coating. Some roof coatings have a specified temperature range suitable for application Not following such instructions can lead to a poorly executed job.
  • Likewise, too much application of roof coating to the roof causes blisters or bubbles on the roof. This leads to moisture being trapped in between layers of coat since the lower coat layer might not have cured properly.
  • Waiting for a long time before recoating the roof: don’t wait until the existing roof coating wears off completely before applying a new roof coating. At specific intervals engage the service of a professional roofer so they’ll help apply the roof coating before harsh weather conditions damages it.

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