Pet Dog Health Tips/Training Guides – Behaviour Support Expert Website Launched

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Excellent Dog has launched a new website for new and existing dog owners to promote canine health and wellbeing. The website features training guides, health tips, and the latest updates about dogs from around the world.

Canine resource portal Excellent Dog has launched a new website for dog lovers across the globe. The website features pet health tips, the latest updates about dogs from around the world, and guides to responsible dog ownership.

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The latest announcement is in line with Excellent Dog’s vision of curating reliable information, advice, hints, tips, and tricks on how best to care for dogs of different breeds.

The new website provides detailed information and how-to articles to promote dog health and wellbeing. For example, the site features information on how to correctly groom and pet dogs, and how to introduce a new addition to existing pets within the family.

Excellent Dog suggests an initial meeting between new and existing dogs is better on neutral ground such as a park, training centre or neighbour’s yard, to prevent territorial aggression. When introducing a new dog to a cat, a feature on Excellent Dog recommends preventing initial face-to-face contact until the two animals are comfortable and tolerant of each other.

Excellent Dog’s primary focus is to educate new and existing dog owners on different aspects of dog care. The new website has information about health issues such as canine arthritis and deafness. Readers can also learn the correct way to exercise dogs, which is essential to their continual growth and wellbeing.

Excellent Dog suggests quick and easy exercises that are fun and beneficial to all breeds of dogs. The site suggests that some dogs like to chase water, and setting up a spraying hose or sprinklers is an effective and easy way for them to enjoy their exercise time.

The website features articles about the most common types of training commands for dogs, behaviour modification techniques, stress reduction for dogs, and handling pet dogs during the pandemic.

Excellent Dog also provides information on how dogs can help the mental health and wellbeing of humans, including those with blindness, depression, and autism.

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