Multiple Scientific Studies Suggest Diet Aids in Brain Health and Protection

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( — September 6, 2021) Orlando, FL — Researchers have long been investigating ways of how to better protect and enhance brain health. 

A team of researchers from Rush University carried out a study. In this research, which was reported by the U.S. News’ annual diet ranking, the Mediterranean Diet and MIND diets are found helpful. 

Both of these diets have long been celebrated due to their remarkable brain-health benefits. It is worth mentioning that they are thought to decrease brain shrinkage that often naturally comes with age. 

It is further worth realizing that these diets have been discovered to decrease the risk of cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease. 

This is due to the fact that they consist of foods scientifically found to have brain-protecting, disease-fighting compounds. Some of these foods are nuts, berries, whole grains, beans, leafy greens, olive oil, wine, and red meat. 

A new study was published in the Neurology journal.

In this research, it has been found that individuals who follow a Mediterranean diet have reduced brain shrinkage as they age.

It is worth noting that there are quite a number of studies that demonstrate how helpful some foods are for brain health and protection. This is why experts strongly recommend these foods and discourage the intake of unhealthy ones, such as processed and junk foods.

Today, more and more researchers are investigating the brain health benefits of some medicinal ingredients like milk thistle. 

Scientists found that milk thistle possesses a therapeutic compound called silymarin, which could produce a range of health benefits. 

In recent studies, milk thistle was found to offer some protection against multiple sclerosis as well as Parkinson’s disease. It is worth realizing that silymarin has been found to work wonders in suppressing the formation of amyloid beta-protein, which is often associated with Alzheimer’s.

In some other studies, it has been found that milk thistle could aid in preventing age-related conditions like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. What makes this medicinal herb even more beneficial is that it could also aid in the treatment of anxiety and depression. 

Research teams from Australia, India, and Iran carried out a study and found that silymarin aids in the treatment of various neurodegenerative disorders. 

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