4 Ways to Spend More Time Outdoors

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(Newswire.net — September 1, 2021) — Everyone should be spending more time outdoors. Research has shown just how beneficial it is for our minds and bodies to spend time outside, but it can be hard to do when all you want is to get home to your safe space. Taking the time to step out of your comfort zone is vital because even twenty minutes spent strolling outdoors has proven benefits. If you’re not sure just what you could do while you’re away from your home and the safety of the TV, here are some suggestions that might get your brain thinking in whole new directions.

Nature-Based Hobbies

Just like spending time outdoors, there are proven benefits to having a hobby. Why not combine the two for maximum impact? There are more outdoor hobbies than ever, so think about the kind of activity that you like to do. If you want something exhilarating and physically demanding, then hiking or rock climbing could be the solution. If you’re thinking of something more sedate, then head to your nearest fly fishing store for advice. Chat to people with experience about your choice of hobby, and you might just get inspired.

Consider Everyday Activities

You don’t have to learn a new skill to spend some more time outdoors. Many of the tasks that you already do on an average day can be carried out just as easily in your garden or in your local park. Eating your lunch in the park, getting lost in a new book while leaning against a tree in your garden, or even just having your morning cup of coffee on your porch are all options that are worth considering. You can even inspire those that you live with to do the same, improving the physical and mental health of those you love the most.

Go Camping

Whether you go alone or with friends or family, there’s always something that feels very therapeutic about a night under the stars. You’ll need the right equipment and an awareness of the camping area, but cooking on an open fire as you stargaze is about as liberating and relaxing as it comes. There’s a reason why so many families have regular camping trips together. It’s a chance to bond while enjoying the world around us, and that’s great for staying healthy and for building memories. 

Dog Walking

If you don’t have a dog, you can be sure that there are people in your neighborhood that do. Many people struggle to find the time to walk their dog every day, so if you’re looking for an activity that will get you outside more, then volunteer your dog-walking services. You could even head to local animal shelters, which are often crying out for dog-walkers who can ease the strain on them. The only problem is that you might end up wanting to take all of those four-legged friends home!

From the physical exercise to the benefits of vitamin D from the sun, spending more time outdoors is something that we should all prioritize. Think about how often you spend time outdoors and start looking for ways to improve your life with a little more time spent enjoying the beauty of the world around us.