Five Top Marketing Ideas for Plumbers

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( — September 1, 2021) — A properly installed and well-maintained plumbing system is vital in every residential and commercial space. Be that as it may, certain pipe problems can appear down the line – from broken water systems to leaky faucets and clogged drains – all of which may require professional help. That’s where a licensed plumber comes into play! 

Plumbing is a flourishing industry where you can reach a wide range of quality leads as long as you know how to target them correctly. However, despite such steady demand for plumbing sectors, there are still plenty of ways to make your brand stand out in an undeniably competitive marketplace. 

Gone are the days when companies would depend mostly on local directories, newspaper ads, and other traditional marketing strategies to gain traction with nearby customers. In today’s fast-changing and tech-driven world, where online business reigns supreme, you must learn to level up your marketing game in order to stay on top of such industry trends. 

Embarking on new and effective promotional efforts can be an expensive and time-consuming process. But with proper media utilization and sufficient business funding, your company might just be able to keep plumbing requests constantly flowing and flush out the competition! 

Are you ready to transition into the digital plumbers market and gain more prospective leads? If so, here are five proven techniques that will help you to expand your marketing reach and convert interested prospects into regular customers.

Reassess your marketing goals

Customers’ needs and behaviors are constantly changing. That’s why it always pays to always keep your processes in line with the current demands of your target audience. Let’s take a look at this example: around 90% of today’s consumers turn to search engines and social media platforms in order to identify local businesses that can help them deal with everyday challenges. This creates a need for investing in digital marketing strategies that will help attract new customers as well as keep them engaged at every step of their journey.

Redefining your company’s marketing goals is a good place to start. Try to review your previous marketing plan and make specific developments by asking yourself what aspects of your plumbing business you’d like to improve in order to expand your reach. Using this information, establish more relevant marketing goals that delineate how you plan to meet your customers’ needs and increase revenue in turn. Once you have set up your new and improved marketing plan, it will help you manage your commercial efforts and monitor progress – while at the same time allowing you to make necessary tweaks along the way. 

Create a better website

It’s the 21st century, which means access to Jurassic computers is getting rarer than ever. Today, many consumers seem to put emphasis on practical smartphone features, so make sure your plumbing website is mobile-friendly. This approach will help your brand to develop greater online visibility and build better connections with your prospective visitors. 

Otherwise, if your website is unoptimized, hard to navigate, and takes forever to load, your prospects are more likely to lose interest. Or worse, they might move onto the next brand with a more appealing and accessible web design.

Try to navigate your own website via a smartphone or tablet to see whether there are areas that need some enhancement. For instance, reconsider important factors, such as the theme, navigation tab, additional features, key details (including your contact information and complete offline business address), as well as the overall presentation of your website. 

Master local SEO tools to boost your branding

Once your plumbing website is all set up and ready to welcome new visitors, it’s time to elevate your search engine optimization (SEO) rankings. Google is one of the most popular search engines worldwide, and you can utilize it to help drive online traffic, clicks, and trades. 

SEO involves a broad range of webpage tasks – such as content creation, guest blogging, and generating keyword-enriched ‘meta tags’ (article summaries). These functions will allow search engines like Google to drag your website to higher positions when it comes to organic search results. This momentum is largely based on the keywords represented on the webpage. 

Simply put, when a prospective client enters phrases like “local plumbers near me” or “kitchen sink plumbing” into the search tab, Google’s algorithm begins searching for relevant results and then ranking the collected web pages according to their relevance. The higher the webpage ranks in the search results, the more likely it is that online audiences will get to see your website and click on it. 

Set up your social media pages

Initially designed to connect people and create a sense of digitalized community, social media giants like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have now become dynamic marketing tools to help enhance a brand’s online presence and reach a broader spectrum of audiences. 

So if your business is not yet entering the world of social media, then you might be losing a massive chunk of the online population, with more than 3 billion people actively using various social media platforms. 

When creating a killer social media marketing plan, consider optimizing the quality of your content. Think of those compelling topics that plumbers can share on different social media platforms. Some interesting ideas can include:

  • Educational plumbing videos that answer frequently asked questions (FAQs); 
  • Article blogs that focus on various plumbing topics, such as service demos or tips;
  • Special deals or reward coupons exclusive to your social media followers;
  • Extra incentives for customers who are willing to share their feedback online.

Partner with a reputable builder

Once you’ve established a robust digital presence, don’t forget to revisit other strategies that you can pursue offline. One of which is to work with reliable builders that can help you to engage easily in large-scale and fixed plumbing projects. 

First things first, look for builders who are planning to develop residential or commercial properties in your area. Express your interest in the project and let them know that you’re willing to collaborate with them in line with all the necessary plumbing works. Remember, building trust between you and your business partners is crucial. Make sure to fulfill your commitment by providing excellent services that come with a competitive price list. 

Key Takeaways

There you have it – our top five marketing ideas for your plumbing business, from building your virtual presence to developing strategic partnerships. If generating high-quality leads is at the top of your to-do list, then feel free to take some inspiration from the tips we’ve covered in this article. Finding customers and keeping them engaged along the way can be a challenge, but it’s not a pipe dream – as long as you have the right tools and approaches in place.