Purest Vantage DIM Has Three Ingredients to Help Menstrual Pain

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(Newswire.net — September 9, 2021) Orlando, FL — For the many women who struggle from menstrual discomforts, the use of pain relievers and some other medications is the right solution.

Certain pharmaceutical drugs are widely used for alleviating menstrual trouble symptoms. However, it is also worth noting that in some studies, certain all-natural remedies are found helpful.

There are therapeutic ingredients found in extra-strength supplements that may help women struggling from menstrual discomforts.

Formulas like Purest Vantage DIM may be helpful for individuals who want to get relief from menstrual discomfort. It contains diindolylmethane (DIM), which has long been researched due to its remarkable healing benefits. 

It is worth noting that DIM is popularized by its ability to regain estrogen balance, which is vital in alleviating menstrual discomforts. This amazing formula also has two other ingredients namely Dong Quai and vitamin D. 

Dong Quai is popular in the Western world and has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine. It is also popularly researched due to the health benefits its use is linked with. 

According to experts, this plant belongs to the same family as celery, carrots, and parsley. Various research studies have been carried out to explore the healing goodness of this remedy. 

A study was performed involving 20 female subjects treated with 4 grams of Dong Quai every day. The treatment has been found to normalize irregular menstrual cycles. 

Some studies suggest its medicinal component known as ligustilide works by inhibiting uterine contractions in rats. This is believed to be why it could offer relief to menstrual cramps. Aside from having both DIM and Dong Quai, this remedy also has vitamin D. 

Over decades, researchers have been looking into the therapeutic goodness of this nutrient. 

A study was published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, and it was spearheaded by Antonino Lasco, MD, of the University of Messina. It has been found that a single large dose of vitamin D aids in providing relief from painful periods. 

This nutrient has also been found helpful in eliminating the need or reducing the use of painkillers. This is vital considering that pain relievers are often linked with side effects. The use of vitamin D has also long been linked with a myriad of health benefits. 

Purest Vantage DIM has been gaining positive reviews from satisfied and happy customers. This supplement is widely resorted to for various medicinal purposes. It is known for its high potency and purity and is even protected with a money-back guarantee (www.amazon.com/DIM-Diindolylmethane-250mg-Per-Capsule/dp/B072C46H29).


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