Sierra MTB Enduro Strap For Bike Tools and Accessories Launched

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Sierra, a mountain bike tool and accessory brand, announces the release of a multi-functional carrying strap for transporting essential items on bike rides. Ditch your pack. Not the essentials.

Sierra has launched the Mountain Bike Enduro Strap – a versatile, adjustable strap and shock cord that safely secures a variety of accessories to the frame or under the seat.

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The company’s latest release offers cyclists, be they professional level or occasional riders, a flexible solution to carrying items such as spare tubes, tools, water bottles, hand pumps, and tire irons.

Despite many of the controversies that have surrounded the sport in recent years, cycling continues to grow in popularity. According to Bicycle Rider, there are approximately 100 million bikes in circulation in the US. As the costs of owning a car increase year on year, many people are taking to the saddle to make commuting to work less expensive while also enjoying the attendant health benefits of daily cardiovascular exercise.

The Enduro Strap from Sierra provides cyclists with a low-profile alternative to carrying backpacks or panniers. As regular riders will attest, preparation for any eventuality on the roads is a necessary part of any successful bike trip. Sierra’s new strap allows for a streamlined ride while comfortably accommodating all emergency repair accessories.

The shock cord is made from automotive-grade high-friction rubber, designed to withstand daily use and retain its shape and tension. The strap itself is constructed from marine-grade, UV and rot-resistant polyester, ensuring durability whatever the weather.

All Sierra products are rigorously tested to ensure they can withstand extremes of temperature, from the searing heat of summer to the hail, sleet, snow, and high winds of the winter months.

The Mountain Bike Enduro Strap comes with a lifetime guarantee, reflecting the company’s confidence in the product and its commitment to customer service. In addition, customers can choose between a black or turquoise

About Sierra

Inspired by a love of cycling in the Sierra Mountains in Nevada, the company was formed by a team of like-minded biking enthusiasts. The Sierra range of accessories also includes mountain bike mudguards, Sierra 12 – a multi-tool that includes a chain breaker and a spoke wrench, as well as a downloadable Trailside MB Repair Guide designed to help cyclists deal with any eventuality.

A spokesperson says, “The versatility of the Sierra bike tube strap is unmatched, The strap can be configured to meet each riders’ individual needs.”

With its latest launch, Sierra continues to equip riders everywhere with innovative and affordable cycling accessories.

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