Automated Content Marketing System – Social Post Magic Benefits Report Launched

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TurboStackers, a digital marketing and product review agency, has launched a new report that analyzes the benefits of Social Post Magic as a social media management tool.

Entitled ‘Social Post Magic Review: Is It Really Worth It?’, the new report provides readers with a detailed description of the platform, as well as offering insights into how it can help businesses with online marketing.

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Some of the key features and benefits described by TurboStackers include unlimited social media accounts, unlimited long-term free traffic, savings in time and money, and the potential to increase revenue.

As many businesses move towards a ‘digital first’ approach to operations, the concept of online marketing has evolved to mean much more than simply having a website. Content marketing is one of the most common phrases now used by digital marketing specialists.

As TurboStackers points out, an effective content marketing campaign should aim to promote a brand across as many platforms as possible. The aim of such an approach is to achieve omnipresence; a state in which a brand or company name is encountered everywhere.

For many businesses, however, the maintenance of constant, consistent messaging across multiple platforms is simply not practical. The author explains that this is where Social Post Magic offers some significant advantages.

The system allows users to create a range of content and posts, which are then distributed across outlets at pre-defined times. While Instagram and Pinterest are still to be incorporated, the current range of social media services that a business can post to include WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Reddit, Vimeo and more.

Indeed, TurboStackers suggests that a business using Social Post Magic would be able to create and schedule a year’s worth of content that the platform then manages. The author highlights the potential for businesses to save time and money as being a major selling point of the solution.

In addition to the time and money that can be saved, the author also explains that the organic nature of posts can provide businesses with more long-term results. The ability to schedule re-posts means that platforms with shorter shelf-lives, such as Facebook, remain current and up to date.

The full report provides a more in-depth description of the features offered. TurboStackers concludes that Social Post Magic is a powerful marketing tool that is particularly useful for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

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