San Fernando CA Earthquake Damage Property Insurance Policy Solutions Launched

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San Fernando, CA – Brightway, The JT Agency (818-698-8725) announces its updated portfolio of property insurance policies to help more residents in the state protect their homes from environmental damage, such as earthquakes and fires.

The new services of Brightway address the growing need in the market for more comprehensive home insurance policies. As the city marks the 50th year of the great San Fernando earthquake which wrought over $500 million in damages, the group says that residents should protect their properties as soon as they can, in case of an unforeseen event.

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With the goal of simplifying the application process, the insurance agency updated its policies so that residents can apply for their protection online. Interested clients are encouraged to file their concern or desired product through the company website, and a registered broker will contact them within one to two business days.

The state of California is no stranger to weather disturbances. From fires to earthquakes, Californians have experienced their fair share of natural disasters and have learned how to adapt to the changing climate. Still, experts warn that the San Fernando earthquake of 1971 will not be the last time the city will be rocked by a devastating event.

One legacy that the great earthquake has taught the state, says the group, is that property insurance is an essential item for every homeowner. Thus, they updated their portfolio of services so that more people could safeguard their homes, especially against damage caused by an earthquake.

Brightway prides itself on being a local insurance agency run by people who live in the state. The group says that it offers insurance policies that they would need, as Californians themselves.

After clients message the group through their website, the team will call and ask them about their needs and budget. The agency will then build a customized policy that includes the exact coverage the client wants.

A spokesperson for the group said, “Brightway, The JT Agency, is not your typical independent insurance agency. We’re a Brightway agency, which means we have relationships with many insurance companies and can offer you expert advice as well as more choice than any other independent agent.”

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