Things You Might Not Know About SMS Marketing

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( — September 6, 2021) —

You may be surprised to learn that, there are now more than 3 billion smartphone users across the globe and, as with most tech, this number is expected to rise year after year. Despite SMS (Short Message Service) being one of the oldest forms of reaching out to people, businesses are increasingly using SMS texting within their customer service and engagement initiatives. Mainly because SMS marketing allows you to send personalized messages to groups or individuals on a set timetable, it’s an excellent approach to spark your target audience’s interest and elicit a quick response but it doesn’t stop there.

Why SMS?

Most people have their phone with them at all times and although email is an option with smartphones, there is always the chance that either the prospect doesn’t have push services turned on, doesn’t have a data signal or, perhaps they don’t have an email set up. With SMS you can almost certainly guarantee that they will receive your text, assuming you have the correct mobile phone number for them. To add some more ‘meat to the bone’ here are some additional benefits of SMS bulk marketing;

The reading effect

The view rate of SMS text messages has been claimed to be as high as 99 per cent, while the read rate of emails is only 20 per cent. That should be enough to interest any marketer, in fact, if you are interested, you can view similar services via this website link;, where text messaging experts are found. It’s actually quite surprising what services are still around and which work best. However, it comes to reason that if someone has seen your marketing message, they are more likely to respond than if they have not. People read almost every text message they get, while many people prefer to discard emails without reading them.

Immediate Effect

Emails and direct mail can take days before they are read that is of course, if they land in the inbox and not the spam box, and if they ever end up on the desk of the person you intended them for. On average, an SMS takes less than 7 seconds to reach the intended recipient. You may feel assured that your message will be delivered – and it will be delivered really quickly if you have the correct number.

Bespoke campaigns

Another great thing about Bulk SMS marketing is that it allows you to send messages to your whole database of contacts, a particular group of them, or even a single person. Personalisation is crucial to the success of your marketing effort. For example, you’ll want to deliver a different text to prospects than to current clients or it could be one of those ‘face palm’ moments, advertising to somebody that you already service and, perhaps at a lower rate. Setting up templates and customising an SMS each time you send one is simple and quick too, all you need to do is to add the people you want to contact. Consumers are considerably more likely to respond to a message that is tailored to them than one that is generic or irrelevant.