Chislehurst UK Family Photography/Documentary Style Relaxed Photo Session launch

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Marion & You Photography (+44-7726-884406) has expanded its family photo sessions for clients in and around London’s Chislehurst suburb. Marion Pelletant captures families in relaxed, natural settings.

London-based family photographer Marion Pelletant has expanded her photoshoots for families in Chislehurst, Bromley including those with children and young babies. Photographing her clients in a relaxed documentary style, Marion aims to naturally capture families as they express their true selves.

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Through her Marion & You company, the new expansions enable Marion to bring her specialist family photo sessions to the Chislehurst community and beyond. As a certified member of the international Family Photojournalists Association, Marion strives to deliver quality and professionalism to each of her projects.

Clients will find that Marion’s photo sessions are based upon honesty above all else. She states that her photographs aim to reflect the unique identities and personalities of families as they interact in a natural setting. Sessions can take place in the customers’ home or another chosen location in and around Chislehurst, Bromley.

Her family photo packages are customisable to meet client needs. They are available in digital formats, as well as albums of fine-art prints. According to Marion, many clients opt to frame photos on their walls as a permanent staple of their home.

Marion emphasises that her photoshoots seek to avoid artificial, staged poses. By capturing images that represent families and their children as they truly are, Marion provides clients with a natural, everlasting remnant of their lives to look back on.

Further benefits of her lifestyle photography include its suitability for young children. No matter their behaviour or temperament on the day, Marion’s photographs encourage children to show their true nature.

“My photos are not ‘pretty’ where everyone is looking straight at the camera, but instead they are beautiful because everyone looks like themselves,” explains Marion. “These natural images will reflect your children’s personalities and interests in this particular time in your family life, which is priceless.”

With the latest announcement, Marion ensures that Chislehurst families have access to her award-winning photoshoot services for special occasions and events. She has received recognition as London’s number one-ranked family photographer, and has had her shots published in such magazines as Juno and Dear Photographer.

Interested parties in Chislehurst and nearby Petts Wood, Eltham, and Sidcup are invited to visit to learn more about Marion & You Photography.