Mounting Evidence Suggests Digestive Enzymes Aid in Sinusitis

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( — September 13, 2021) Orlando, FL — For the many with sinusitis, life can often be troubling. This infection develops due to a virus, and it usually persists even when there are no more upper respiratory symptoms. 

Conditions like sinusitis, which is medically called rhinosinusitis, pertain to a sinus infection that happens when there is swelling, inflammation, and infection in the nasal cavities. 

There are also other conditions that are found to contribute to sinus pain and symptoms, such as nasal polyps, allergies, and tooth infections. 

According to researchers, chronic sinus infections normally persist for over twelve weeks and may recur. One of its symptoms is pain, which is due to swelling and inflammation. 

Pain may be felt on either side of the nose, forehead, or upper jaws and teeth. It may also result in nasal discharge, which can be green, yellow, or cloudy. Sufferers often find themselves blowing their noses more often due to the discharge. 

It is strongly recommended to see a healthcare provider when symptoms like nasal discharge, fever, congestion, or facial pain occur. These symptoms should be ones that last longer than ten days or recur.

There are various treatments for sinusitis. It is interesting to note that there are actually certain all-natural remedies found helpful in battling sinusitis. Bromelain is one of these therapeutic ingredients, and this digestive enzyme is actually being widely researched due to its strong medicinal potentials.

A study involving 50 adults and children with acute sinusitis was carried out. 

In this research, it has been found the use of this remedy worked in lessening symptoms like difficulty breathing and inflammation in the nose.

There are actually many research studies that reveal the therapeutic benefits of bromelain. This digestive enzyme can be found in pineapples, but can also be consumed via supplementation. 

A study of more than 100 children has shown that this remedy worked in enhancing acute sinusitis. What makes it all the more beneficial is that it also aided in faster recovery compared to conventional therapies.

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This includes remedying issues like IBS, gas, bloating, and other digestive problems. 

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