Nassau County NY Real Estate First Time Buyer Energy Efficient Homes Launched

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With an increased demand for new homeownership across the country, Horace Allen of eXp Realty LLC (516-323-7171) has launched listings that feature energy-efficient homes. Current properties available include and single-family and multifamily homes, condominiums, and land in Nassau County and Queens, New York.

The latest listings from Horace Allen include properties with features that are attractive to a new home buyer. Affordability, energy efficiency, and easy access to public amenities are some of the key features of high-demand properties.

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The launch of the updated listings gives first-time homebuyers access to a wide selection of properties that meet their lifestyle and financial goals. Nassau County is one of the country’s hottest real estate markets with home prices up by about 22% over last year, despite the pandemic.

According to Enact MI’s 2020 Home Buyer Market Report, 2.38 million Americans became first-time homebuyers last year. This statistic contributed to what was a strong market rebound in the second half of the year and a 14 percent increase in new homeownership year over year.

Horace Allen is well-positioned to support the people interested in new homeownership, particularly millennials, who make up the largest share of the market. He understands the value that this group places on specific features and amenities and seeks properties that include them.

Many of the homes currently listed include open floor layouts, energy-efficient appliances, LEED-compliant lighting, solar energy, and proximity to excellent schools. Other features include smart thermostats, the use of sustainable building materials, and non-toxic paint.

Typical amenities that Horace Allen looks for in a property to sell to a new homebuyer are garage storage, a walk-in pantry, exterior lighting, ceiling fans, a front porch, a central island, and drinking water filtration. It is widely understood that new home buyers value affordability, therefore many of the properties listed are under $500,000.

About Horace Allen

Horace Allen is a New York-based realtor with a focus on residential home buyers, sellers, and investors in the areas of Long Island and Queens, New York. Horace Allen is passionate about community redevelopment and has specialized in technology management, smart home automation, and security systems. A complete map of his current listings can be found at

According to a spokesperson, “A real estate agent’s job is to help homeowners buy and sell homes and provide them with useful information that helps make that process as smooth as possible. There is a lot that goes into the process, and Allen is prepared to support and guide new home buyers every step of the way.”

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