Compostable Dog Poop Bags Launch – Pet Waste Bags With 590 5-Star Amazon Reviews

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Pogi’s Pet Supplies has updated its range of biodegradable dog poop bags. The sustainable, plant-based, extra-large bags are sturdy, leak-proof, ASTM D6400 certified home compostable waste bags for dogs.

Pogi’s recently updated environmentally friendly poop bags are listed by the largest certification program in America, the Biodegradable Products Institute, as well as by European Bioplastics and TUV Rheinland. The certifications guarantee the product is biodegradable, compostable, and plant-based.

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The new bags come in various styles to fit different situations. This includes an option with easy-tie handles, as well as standard bags and rolls for carrying on the go. The roll option is the perfect size to fit in most standard dog bag dispensers and also come in large format rolls, perfect for your pantry or backyard.

Pogi’s bags are certified as compostable worldwide for either backyards or commercial facilities. The company, which prides itself on its zero-plastic policy, compensates for not using the material by making them extra-thick to ensure they remain strong and leak-proof.

While many companies have been working towards a more environmentally friendly approach, Pogi’s Pet Supplies have made this their primary goal. They use sustainable materials in all their products and have gained certifications from the most trusted names in biodegradable standards.

All the bags are extra-large to accommodate messes from any breed of dog. They separate easily from the roll, or the box, and have an easy-open feature. The cardboard cores for the rolls, as well as the boxes, are also completely recyclable. Customers have the option to choose between unscented and fresh-powder scents for their plant-based bags.

Shipping on all orders is complimentary, and the company also offers a range of environmentally friendly grooming wipes and training pads. The wipes are made with natural, sustainable bamboo. They also contain aloe vera, vitamin E, and Hawaiian Awapuhi, which help to clean, shine, and freshen an animal’s coat.

A satisfied client said, “Poop bags are poop bags, right? Yes and no, if you’ve ever struggled to tear bags, hold the dog, and (hope that) the bag won’t tear easily. These bags have nice big tear lines, making them easy to tear. They even add an ‘Open Here,’ label on the end where you open it. How many times do you sit there struggling to open an end only to figure out it’s the wrong side?”

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