Future Of Mobile Development: Trends For 2021

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The future of Mobile App Development is evolving at an expeditiously fast pace. Every industry and Mobile App Development Company is directly or indirectly becoming a significant part of it. In order to thrive in this digitalised world, one must get acquainted with the latest and the freshest mobile app development trends for 2021. 

Today, mobile is basically remodelling business models, operation models, and marketplaces at a shocking rate. By the year 2021, mobile app market revenue is anticipated to achieve $693 billion. 

AI (Artificial Intelligence) and new technologies are emerging, and it is a fact that there is no going back now. Moreover, since the advancement of the Mobile App Development industry, the user network is only multiplying. As a result, technology is being augmented every year, and new things are added every now and then. 

Smartphones have become our smart buddies, and this is the reason for the cause as to why the Mobile App Development business is skyrocketing. Mobile phone users have become the largest audience for any organisation or business, especially e-businesses. 

So as to stay in this race, organisations and businesses are keeping up with all the latest trends of 2021. If you need more insights or if you are looking for mobile app development services in UAE, then additionally you may check out Pro Web, one of the leading mobile app development companies in UAE having certified Mobile App Developers in Dubai

So, as of the year 2021, let’s see what new trends you must follow as a Mobile App Developer.

The Evolution of Internet

The Internet has penetrated people’s daily lives. However, if we think that the Internet cannot control our bedroom, kitchen or home, we should be aware of the Internet of Things (IoT). The Internet of Things is experiencing tremendous growth and positive feedback from users.

It is known in many fields, such as connected home appliances, innovative home security systems, automated farm equipment, mobile health monitors, smart factory devices, wireless inventory trackers, biometric cybersecurity scanners, etc.

IoT products include the Amazon Dash button, Phillips lighting system, August doorbell camera, August smart lock, and more. 

Future trends of the Internet of Things:

  • Smart Cities and Homes

  • Self-driving cars

  • AI Appliances and devices

  • IoT implementation in healthcare

The Rise of 5G Network

The most anticipated mobile trend of all time, 5G Mobile Network, would be on more than 600 million smartphones all over the world. This value could be doubled by the next decade, and by 2022, almost half of the smartphones will have a 5G Network. In addition, many Apple devices are expected to run 5G. 

5G can be 100% faster than 4G, its successor. So 5G will bring a revolutionary change, especially in the AR and Gaming World in 4K streaming. 

Expected impacts of 5G:

  • Replacement of Ethernet, WiFi, 4G LTE etc

  • Cost-effective robot technology

  • Smart factories with automation

  • More job employment

AI And Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have already found their way into applications and mobile devices. We may have observed some of these examples are voice search, face unlock, chatbots, etc. They have taken the use of AI to the next level.

In 2021, AI will have more impact on our lives. In addition to existing technology, AI trends such as AI-based cameras, language translations and user predictions will find a new place in smartphones.

Future Impacts of AI:

  • Automating manual tasks

  • Augment human decisions

  • Creating more jobs

  • A more comfortable future

Virtual and Augmented Reality

In 2021, we will see AR & VR bobbing up with options like motion tracking, individuals occlusion, etcetera; several AR-based app concepts also will develop into beneficial mobile apps. Industries that admire healthcare, tourism, education, e-commerce, etc., will get loads of advantages from this. The AR & VR market is supposedly growing by $65.9 million by 2022. 

Mixed reality sensible glasses such as Hololens, receptor Go, Magic Leap, etc., will give a more robust visual experience.

AR & VR Future Trends:

  • They can be the medium to operate bots

  • Low-latency network

  • Robots can be utilised through these

  • Realistic psychological experience

New Gadgets and Technologies 

Samsung has recently launched its first folding display smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold. Huawei Mate X is also one suchlike. This new technological trend may flourish in the future. What this may mean for the Mobile App Developers is facing a new challenge and customizing the screen display with respect unlocks user action. 

Apart from mobile phones, Wearables are the new smart gadgets in the market. They’re available as smartwatches, smart displays, health wristbands and even jewellery!

Future Trends

  • Development in Healthcare 

  • Virtual Assistant 

  • Virtual Keyboard 

Blockchain Technology 

People have little to no information and updates about Blockchain Technology. This is mainly a security technology that ensures safety to the recorded information in a way that it’s almost unhackable. The progress of Blockchain is very much visible in Cryptocurrencies. 

An example of Blockchain could be Decentralized Apps. These apps require no mediator for information management and thus, nobody can have access to the information. It’s useful in industries like healthcare, trading & finance, etc. 

Upcoming Trends of Blockchain:

  • It can’t be pirated 

  • Transparent elections

  • Robotech 

  • Secured betting 

The future of Mobile App Development and App Development Companies is going to be bright and shiny. There are going to be tons of opportunities, jobs and employment. 5G is going to flourish and change the tech world. Let’s see what becomes of these technologies and how they impact the world.

All the more, Pro Web’s blog on Top Mobile App Development Trends to look out for in 2021 highlights some of the important factors that affect mobile app development. 

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Concluding Thought: So as to make a successful Android or iOS Mobile App, you must keep in touch and be updated with these aforementioned much expected future trends of 2021 in Mobile App Development to harness the best results. Research and know more about your resources, documentation and budget to yield a flourishing business. 


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