UTI-Fighting Dandelion Now Found to Produce Skin Health Benefits

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(Newswire.net — September 15, 2021) Orlando, FL — More and more research studies look into some potentially helpful ways to reduce the rates of infections like ones affecting the urinary tract. It is important to realize that there are proven preventive ways against UTIs.

When it comes to ward off this infection, one of the most recommended techniques is to consume more liquid-like water. In various research studies, increased consumption of water has long been associated with a range of health benefits.

More particularly, it has been found to work in flushing out the UTI-causing E.coli bacteria from the body. There are many other techniques to ward off this urinary health issue. 

There are scientifically proven remedies against the infection, and one to take into account using is dandelion. This therapeutic remedy called dandelion is scientifically found to help improve urination frequency, which is helpful in fighting UTI onset and recurrence. It could be an excellent addition to the UTI-fighting routines of individuals prone to the infection.

Dandelion has long been known for its UTI-fighting benefits. However, it is worth mentioning that it could also be useful for the skin. 

In some studies, it worked in the treatment of skin diseases that are due to microbial and fungal infections. This is due to the fact that it is high in alkaline and even has germicidal, insecticidal, and fungicidal properties.  

According to researchers, dandelion sap may even be used as a remedy for ringworm, itches, bruises, eczema, and some other skin conditions. 

This natural remedy also works in fighting acne due to its diuretic, stimulant, and detoxifying benefits. This natural remedy also works in regulating the proper secretion of hormones, widening pores, and increasing sweat.  

Scientists also say it could inhibit microbial infection and decrease the signs of acne. Due to its antioxidant benefits, it also helps make scars less noticeable. 

There are extra-strength formulas like Purest Vantage D-mannose found to be helpful in delivering the UTI-fighting benefits of dandelion. This increasingly popular supplement also has cranberry and is popularized even more by the 120 Vegetarian, easy-to-swallow, and odorless capsules it contains. 

This supplement gains increasing popularity especially among individuals with UTI recurrence. The cranberry it contains has D-mannose, which is a therapeutic sugar scientifically found to ward off the infection.  

Purest Vantage D-mannose continues to be a popular choice in the global market due to its impressive potency and purity. It is even equipped with a customer satisfaction guarantee that makes every purchase absolutely risk-free (http://amazon.com/Mannose-Capsules-600mg-Per-Cap/dp/B071J35CP5).


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