Senior Life Settlement Calculator – Over-70s Premium Reduction Service Launched

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Q Life Settlements LLC has announced an update to its services for over-70s across the US stuck with an unwanted life insurance policy. They help seniors to enjoy more financial freedom in their later years, achieving a higher quality of life for their retirement.

The company explains that many senior citizens find themselves trapped with a life insurance policy that hasn’t worked as expected. Expenses can increase, leading to potential budgeting issues and shortfalls that impact quality of life. The new service update aims to provide a reliable solution.

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A life settlement occurs when a client’s life insurance policy is sold for an amount that is greater than the surrender value — meaning they are no longer responsible for any monthly payments or premiums. Q Life Settlements has updated its services to ensure more families can benefit from this freedom.

Research shows that seniors are increasingly turning to life settlements as a way to achieve the flexibility they want based on life changes or circumstances. Often, their existing policy is no longer suitable to their situation, and a lump payment can provide greater benefit.

Q Life Settlements provides seniors with a streamlined process for completing the sale of their policy. The service is designed to ensure each individual can obtain the best settlement for their needs, with favorable terms.

Once the purchase is completed, the buyer agrees to take over future premium payments. A fully regulated company will oversee the transaction, connecting seniors to investors who are building life insurance portfolios.

Life settlements provide a range of benefits for seniors and their families. A policy sale enables clients to gift large payments to family members, invest elsewhere, or even purchase new insurance that is more optimized to their current situation.

Q Life Settlements has helped clients to pay for expensive senior care through finding the right settlement sale. Other case studies include securing the funds needed to care for aging parents, and hiring in-home care for an ailing wife.

A recent client stated: “I appreciate all the help you gave us because we never could’ve afforded the wonderful woman who came to help us these last 8 months. We never could’ve afforded her care. Thank you so much for everything.”

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