German Shepherd Buying – New Puppy Care/Obedience House Training Report Launched

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My Best Bark has launched a new report about the selection and animal care requirements for new German shepherd puppies.

German shepherds are one of the most popular breeds among dog owners because of their mental and physical abilities, as well as their appearance. The recently launched report provides future dog owners with information to help determine if a German shepherd is right for them, and how to find one suitable to join their family.

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With the launch of their German shepherd care report, My Best Bark goes into detail about the different variations within the breed, and how they may affect the future of the animal. This is helpful for pet owners wishing to show the dog at kennel clubs, as some clubs only accept specific color patterns.

While German shepherds can be born with either a medium or long-haired coat, they can also have any of four different major color themes. The most common color is saddleback shepherds, which have black back and muzzle fur, with tan or red fur everywhere else. Miniature German shepherd breeds are not suggested, as the genetic mutation that results in dwarfism also causes severe health effects and chronic pain.

The report includes a complete guide to selecting the right puppy from a breeder or rescue, based on its physical health, attitude, and mental abilities. It also has several tests that can be performed to determine the temperament of the dog and its suitability for different requirements.

Information about how to introduce the puppy to its new home, care for it the first night, and general details about house training are also available.

The way a new animal is treated will often affect the way they mature and develop. The report recommends a strict schedule as an important part of the initial training.

Advice for feeding a new puppy, and guidance for determining their nutritional requirements as they age are also inside the report. It further includes tips about the most effective methods for feeding and several suggestions for what new dog owners should avoid during meal times to help with obedience training.

My Best Bark regularly provides educational information for dog owners about a range of topics, such as grooming and care, as well as facts about different breeds and how they can affect an animal’s health. The company’s website also shares stories about rescued dogs and animals with disabilities.

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