Cat/Dog Pet Care – Training/Health Veterinarian Resource And Directory Launched

Photo of author has launched as a site to help pet owners find reliable information regarding care for their cats and dogs. The resource articles are contributed by Doctors of Veterinary Medicine.

This new site allows pet owners to locate specific information regarding training, health issues, and more for their pets. The information is separated for cats and dogs for easy navigation.

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Pet owners can use the new service to locate a veterinarian by entering their city and state. The display that is returned provides a map, along with practice names, addresses, and phone numbers. The goal of the site is to educate and unite pet owners and veterinarians.

85 million homes in America include a pet, with the majority being cats and dogs. 95% of pet owners consider their pets family members. Each of these pet parents needs trustworthy information on which to base the care of their beloved feline or canine.

People seek online sources for articles and blogs about many areas of life, and pet care is no different. However, much of the online advice for cats and dogs is from other owners who may not be the most qualified sources. seeks to remedy this by posting only resource articles from qualified Doctors of Veterinary Medicine. There is a search function to help users locate the information they need, including articles that may not be indexed on the Learn tab.

Cat and dog owners can find such diverse topics as Pool and Beach Safety Tips for Pets, How to Tell if a Cat Has an Ear Infection, Dog Dentistry, How Veterinary Vaccines Work, and more.

Each article is in-depth and presented in a question-and-answer style. Articles also contain links to other trusted sources for further exploration of a sub-topic. This knowledge will help owners give their pets excellent care.

GeniusVets was founded by a veterinarian with 20 years of experience, and is also a veterinarian marketing company. Their goal is to help vets understand that the consumer has changed and then equip them with the marketing tools they need to have effective digital marketing campaigns.

Tools that GeniusVets shares with vets include items like a Marketing Health Exam, Online Business Optimization, Analytics Dashboards, Website Creation, and Reputation Management. They also host a weekly Wednesday Webinar with guest speakers.

Pet owners and veterinarians alike can visit for further details.