US Custom Cast Stone Kitchen Range Hood With Copper/Pewter Metal Finish Launched

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Omega Mantels (1-855-712-0123), a leading North American supplier of precast and cast stone products, has updated its design services for customers in the market for a custom mantel or kitchen hood.

The manufacturer specializes in creating bespoke cast stone pieces that integrate classic European architecture with the latest design trends. The expanded offerings are available to homeowners, contractors, and interior designers throughout the United States and Canada.

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Working with Omega grants customers access to high-quality, handcrafted cast stone decor products designed by Omega Mantels’ skilled artisans.

For centuries, cast stone has been used in the construction of buildings and architectural embellishments as an alternative to natural cut stone.

Many designers and architects opt for cast stone over natural stone structures due to the material’s lightweight and durable properties. In addition, when compared to other building materials such as granite and marble, cast stone may provide a more affordable option for individuals who are remodeling on a budget.

Omega Mantels’ custom cast stone mantel and kitchen hood designs are created by highly proficient craftsmen using centuries-old techniques. The strong yet elegant structures are easy to install and do not require the help of a specialized contractor.

Individuals can call 1-855-712-0123 to request a complimentary consultation with one of the company’s experienced design consultants. From inception to completion, the team is available to assist customers in choosing the best model, colors, and finish for their particular space.

The supplier offers shipping throughout the United States.

For inspiration, homeowners can begin by browsing Omega Mantels’ online gallery and virtual showroom. The company also provides complimentary mail brochures upon request.

About The Company

Omega Mantels is a reputable North American manufacturer of luxury cast stone products. In 2015, the company was granted the ​​Best of Houzz award for Customer Satisfaction by the online interior design community Houzz.

A satisfied customer said: “Omega Mantels by far exceeded our expectations for quality, operational efficiency, and customer service. We were in the market for a cast stone fireplace, but our space required a custom design. Larry picked up our account and handheld us the entire way.”

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