Virtual On-Camera Selling Training – Sales Presentation/Public Speaking Launched

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Amy Scruggs, Media Coach, at (800) 643-1824, has launched in-person and virtual coaching sessions for sales teams and others who need to be more effective in virtual and video presentations. She will explain best practices and pitfalls to avoid when appearing on camera.

Speaking to an audience through the lens of a camera can intimidate even normally confident people. Appearing live in Zoom or on video or TV requires specialized skills. In her new workshops, Amy will share tips for gaining confidence, command, and poise.

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Everything matters when someone appears on camera, down to the smallest detail. These latest workshops will share the secrets for greater success. Virtual presentation skills have become a fixture in the world of work, and excellence in this area is in demand.

Many companies have moved to a partial or completely virtual way of working. This has especially affected sales teams, where in-person connections are so important. Now a Zoom call may be required instead.

However, virtual presentations are not limited to Zoom calls. There are also TV appearances, commercials, social media posts, and internal company videos to consider. Each has a different objective and speakers must adjust accordingly.

Amy Scruggs will help participants build their brands, marketing, and messaging through consistent virtual presentations skills. Consumers and others want information at the tip of their fingers, and they prefer to get it in a visual format.

She will explain the differences between working in a studio, filming on location, or recording from a cell phone. She will also help participants understand what to wear, where to stand, and how to move for effective communication and audience impact.

Content, how it is delivered, and what background, recording equipment, and lighting are used can all affect the impact of a call or video. Amy will explain many techniques for appearing on camera and presenting with confidence.

Amy shares these Media Coaching for Professionals workshops with sales and other teams, along with executives, influencers, entrepreneurs, and leaders of all kinds. No matter the training participants, she will help them master their on-camera presentation skills.

Amy Scruggs has more than 20 years of media work, including executive, TV host, recording artist and performer, public speaker, and corporate spokesperson. She directs media campaigns for Fortune 500 companies and currently has a show on CNBC.

A satisfied client says, “I highly recommend Amy’s coaching. It helped me put my best foot forward on social media and video marketing and grow my real estate business.”

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